Players stop the squad and the playoffs will end

After a meeting of almost an hour, they reach an agreement to continue with the games. The NBA now has to look for new dates for the suspended matches, including today's three.


The NBA has approached the greatest precipice in its history. For almost 24 hours the option of the season ending today was on the table and it was very real. Ultimately it will not be like that. The players have reached an agreement so that the remaining games continue to be played and in this way save the course. Now it remains to be seen how the calendar is restructured, since the three games that were not played due to yesterday's boycott and the three that were to take place today have to be played, including the first of the semifinals between the Toronto Raptors and the Boston Celtics. With a very tight schedule that was going to have its deadline on October 13, it will be the NBA who decides how it looks from now on. The first information suggests that tomorrow basketball could be played again at Disney World. Although seen as seen it is a very minor problem for the league, taking into account the match ball that they have saved. It was Adrian Wojanarowski who broke the news through his Twitter account.

With the passing of the hours and as the moment to know the decision approached, the optimism that the players would jump back on the track was winning whole, especially after two key meetings that took place at dawn in Spain. The first, the official one for all players, in which only the Lakers and Clippers voted in favor of completely standing up and suspending the competition permanently. According to witnesses present, LeBron James left the meeting visibly angry with the majority position and was followed by his teammates in the Lakers and also the Clippers players. But a while later, at night in Orlando, more informal meetings between the most important players in the league, several of them in the same corridors of the hotels, began to make it clear that the option of finishing the playoffs was the preferred option.

While waiting to know the result of the meeting that the franchise owners were holding in parallel, it is already known that tonight, at 22:00 Spanish time they will meet again so that the players explain to the league and the owners what actions they propose to be carried out. In this case, two members of each staff will attend. The players who on Wednesday night voted to permanently suspend the season have understood over the hours what has been raised in the meeting this afternoon: the sacrifice that would mean for many people, not only players, the suspension of the league. In addition, it has also been taken into account that from the semifinals of the Conference, families will be able to be with the players in the hotels, which will give one more point of normality to a coexistence in the bubble that many began to be quite uphill .

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