Petrucci: "Ducati doesn't think Dovi can win the World Cup"

He gives the key to explain the breakup, and says: "It is not a good idea, because he can win. The treatment he has received in recent years has not been very affectionate."


If anyone knows Dovizioso and Ducati well, it is Petrucci, his boxing partner since last season and the same one who already knew for a long time that his bike would be for Miller next year, so he looked for a place in the KTM satellite team. And Danilo has hit the nail on the head when asked about the official break-up of Andrea and his factory after eight years of successful relationship.

"I think that decision was up in the air. Ducati and Dovizioso have waited a long time to make this decision and for me it has been a long time. I am very sorry for Dovi, who still does not have a motorcycle for next year. I think Ducati has waited Too much to decide if 'Dovi yes' or' Dovi no, "he began by saying before Dazn asked him if this wait made Andrea feel valued, to which he replied:" Exactly. I think that now Dovi can think about winning the World Championship without many things in mind. Ducati does not believe that Dovi can win the World Cup, so I think they will not continue together ".

Petrux got wet when assessing the decision: "For me it is not a good idea, because I believe that Dovizioso is a rider who can win the World Championship. He has a good opportunity this year. The treatment he has received has not been very affectionate in recent years ".

Regarding the incident he had in Q1 with Aleix, to which he dedicated a comb, it was explained as follows: "It is difficult to explain it. I was arriving very quickly on that lap and in the last sector Aleix saw me and Valentino, and I don't know why he got in the middle of Valentino. He could have waited a bit and got behind me. He's a driver who always does things like that. I'd rather speak with the track results than otherwise. "

Y on his thirteenth for the grid: "I am not happy with today's result. Yes I am satisfied with the pace in FP4, because it was good with the used tire. I am happy about this, because I am riding a little differently and without much help from the engine brake. I'm not happy with the position on the grid, so I have to make a good start and do my best to get the best result ".

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