Pedri: "I want to learn from the best and I hope he stays"

The new Barcelona player recognizes that he is fulfilling a dream he had since his father founded a Barcelona club and that Iniesta was always an idol.


Pedro González, at the age of 17, fulfilled the dream he had had since he was a child when his father founded the Barcelona club in his town. After standing out at UD Las Palmas in LaLiga Smartbank, Pedri arrives at Barcelona with the intention of staying in the first team despite his young age and being able to “grow and learn alongside the best in the world, who I hope will stay”, in reference to Leo Messi.

Pedri began by thanking “the president and the entire club, this has been my dream since I was little when my father founded the peña. I really want to teach my game and grow alongside the best in the world. ”

Pedri signed for Barcelona last September, so he has played all year knowing that he was going to be in the military for Barça. He defined the experience by saying that "signing for a club like this fills you up and influences you, then you try to evade to be calmer" .

"I consider myself a player who wants the ball and who wants to have fun on the field, my idol is Andrés Iniesta and now I want to learn from the best that I hope will stay", he added.

When asked if what happened to his countryman Pedrito, who ended up being Pedro, he thinks that over time his name will change, he was clear and forceful: “I have no problem because they call me Pedri, my whole family calls me that and nobody Pedro calls and I want to continue supporting him. ”

Regarding whether he is going to stay safe in the first team or he would go on loan, Pedri is ambitious and said that “the first option is to stay and learn, I do not rule out the transfer, but for now the main idea is to stay. Pressure is the worst thing you can have, you have to take it off, what you have to do is enjoy ”.

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