Palo de Rossi to the Stewards: "Why are you waiting so long to talk to the drivers?"

"Decisions must be taken without pressure from the outside and with the safety of the pilots in mind, which is the most important thing and they have to be strict," he says.


Rossi's body still feels bad when he has to talk about the accident last Sunday between Zarco and Morbidelli, after which their motorcycles came out like projectiles against Valentino and Maverick himself, who were not destroyed by a pure miracle. However, the most relevant aspect of his appearance at the press conference is the stick he gave to the Stewards for meeting today instead of Sunday with all the drivers who were involved in controversial situations in the first of the two races. to be played in Austria.

"It's complicated and it's difficult to understand why they have waited a week to talk to the riders. The logical thing is to talk to the riders after the race. I know it's a lot of work since Moto3, but we saw a lot of contacts and a lot of riders who fled And that is very dangerous. Decisions must be taken without pressure from outside and with the safety of the pilots in mind, which is the most important thing and they have to be strict.

Returning to the moment of the accident, he said: “The truth is that it was a very difficult moment. I was very scared after the accident as I saw Zarco's bike flying over Maverick, but I didn't see Morbidelli's because it was very close and it was going very fast. We were very lucky, we were lucky and it was difficult to assimilate what had happened and start the race again. There was not much chance of ending up unscathed as we did. We were very lucky. ”

Rossi was affected like few times in his box and the question was opportune about whether something like this could influence his future decision. His answer: “The truth is that no. If I leave MotoGP I think I will end up doing something that is also dangerous. I want to race with cars, do the 24 Hours and everything involves danger. To retire on the farm and be with the horses or in bed does not suit me. If you are a pilot you want to do things that involve risks and the accident has not made me change my mind. ”

In the press conference that started the Styrian GP, both him and Dovizioso were asked why so much aggressiveness is being seen. The Ducati man answered first: “The bikes are continually improving and everyone is increasing their intensity level and the riders are becoming more aggressive, but I think it's done because you can make a mistake as the asphalt picks up you and not the gravel. . If it were gravel on the other side of the track, you would brake earlier and that would affect a lot in practice both in races and in practice ”. The version of 'The Doctor': “I completely agree with Dovizioso. There is a lot of equality between all the riders and the aggressiveness is increasing and I don't know why but the tone is increasing from race to race. It is also true that there is more asphalt and that raises the level. ”

The one who was also reborn in the Austrian accident was Maverick Viañales. Before riding again at the Red Bull Ring, he said: "We have been very fortunate, we had impressive luck and we must take advantage of that. We have to go full throttle from tomorrow and do our best in every corner."

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