Official: Pacheta will not coach Elche in First

The Burgos coach will not renew his contract with the club that has brought the elite of Spanish football back from Segunda B.


José Rojo 'Pacheta' will not coach Elche in the First Division. Despite the promotion and the social and media pressure for the Burgos to continue at the helm of the team, the coach will not renew his contract with the club that led from Second B back to the elite of Spanish football.

This is the full official statement from Elche: "José Rojo Martín 'Pacheta' will not continue as coach of Elche CF. The coach from Burgos and the club from Elche will separate their paths after being linked from February 27, 2018 until today closing a glorious and triumphant cycle that will remain engraved in the memory of all Franco-green fans. Almost three seasons in which the team went from Second B to First. A meteoric rise of a coach who is already part of the Club's most golden history.

Pacheta arrived at Elche with the club in Second B, with the ambition to grow and reach the top of the table to fight for a return to Second in just one year. After an agonizing play-off where Real Murcia, Real Sporting B and Villarreal B were eliminated, Elche got promotion to Second. Leaving episodes to remember such as Nino's famous goal in Mareo or the promotion in Villarreal. The group became stronger and managed to find maturity in the season of return to professional football. With a stay firmly fought. A prelude to what was to come next year.

Elche, being the fifth lowest budget in the category, made it clear to be a strong, ironclad group capable of facing any type of circumstance. Neither the blows nor the misfortunes changed his mentality. Upside down. It strengthened his conviction in daily work, humility and the desire to prosper. A mentality promoted in a choral way from Pacheta and his coaching staff, which made a deep impression on the franjiverde squad and captivated the entire fans.

It may have been the most atypical season seen so far due to the circumstances caused by Covid-19. A situation that stopped an Elche that was coming in an ascending line and at a time in a fantastic way. But no context could stop the momentum of a group capable of reinventing itself on a daily basis, recovering from any circumstance and with a fierce desire to qualify for an exciting and exciting promotion for promotion to First. Pacheta has been the manager of a fabulous team. All in line to work and fight; all with the ambition to be better every day. Their effort has led them to complete a perfect, unique and immaculate play-off: the first team to rise through the promotion without conceding a goal. Eliminating Real Zaragoza and Girona. Pacheta has closed an indelible cycle. It is eternal. His legacy will be remembered and appreciated, with the affection and devotion that each franjiverde fan has shown to the coach during their stay. An eternal gratitude for the coach who made a whole city, a province and all the followers of other national and international points dream of. The person who smiled back at thousands and thousands of people. Thank you, Pacheta. ".

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