Official: Koeman, to Barça

Ronald Koeman (Zaandam, 1963) is now officially Barcelona's new coach until 2022 and will be presented at 6:00 p.m. at the Auditori 1899.


Ronald Koeman (Zaandam, 1963) is officially Barcelona's new coach until 2022 and will be presented at 6:00 pm at the Auditori 1899. He was 29 years old when he burst into tears as soon as he finished the Wembley final. Nobody knows if the hero of the first Barça European Cup, that historical urgency, will shed tears when he is today presented as the coach of the club whose fans he made happily ever after on May 20, 1992. The hero who allowed Guardiola to shout " Ja la tenim here "in Sant Jaume comes to the rescue of a club in full destruction that threatens the sinister. Ronald Koeman landed at 5:00 p.m. at El Prat airport from Amsterdam. So far Òscar Grau, CEO of Barça, had traveled to negotiate his settlement with the Dutch Football Federation, whom the Barça entity will have to compensate with an amount close to five million euros. Koeman, now 57 years old, signs a two-season contract with Barça, of course the second will be conditioned on the decision he makes to the president who arrives after the elections to be held in March.

Koeman's arrival was preceded by the unexpected announcement of Eric Abidal's dismissal, which altered Barça's agenda during the day, pending only the arrival of the Dutch tulip. Koeman was caught on camera in Zeist, the headquarters of the Dutch Federation. There he implied at 1:00 p.m. that he was already a Barça coach. "Yes, I would like to be a Barça coach, but it will only be final when the signature has been put on. Until then I can't say anything about it. Even if I wanted to. Then he dropped a half smile. During the day, the reactions around his signing multiplied. Zubizarreta, a companion in the Dutchman's battles between 1989 and 1994, when he left after Athens 4-0, another of Barça's cathartic falls, assured that "Koeman has the personality to coach such a club." Meanwhile, Rivaldo, who was at his command when Koeman was Van Gaal's assistant at the end of the 90s, also endorsed his signing. "I know him very well, he is the ideal person for the position, he learned a lot in those years" .

A Koeman has work waiting for you. The first, that of staff planning. Abidal's departure confirms that it will be the Dutchman who will lead in the preparation of the casualty list even though he has the collaboration of Ramon Planes, who has been in charge of the technical secretariat. The Dutchman will have to decide which sacred cows have completed a cycle, which ones should have a secondary role and which signings that have failed one year after another must be given a start now to incorporate boys from the subsidiary. That, plus the signings. There, Lautaro begins to consolidate as the great goal of the summer, especially if Suárez leaves.

Henrik Larsson (20-9-1971) will be Ronald Koeman's assistant at the express wish of the Dutch coach. Barça player between 2004 and 2006, in which he was able to win two Leagues and a Champions League and won the affection of the fans for his status as a fighter and revulsive player, he has been chosen as Koeman, who in addition to Larsson , will bring in his work team Alfred Schreuder, who recently managed the Hoffenheim.

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