Non-judicial at the request of LaLiga so that as a precaution it is allowed to play Monday and Friday

The Commercial Court number 2 of Madrid denies the measure "as the urgency reasons required in this regard do not appear justified." The hearing, October 6.


The head of the Commercial Court number 2 of Madrid, which resolves the conflict between the League and the RFEF over the Monday and Friday matches, has denied the employer the adoption of the precautionary measures that it intended to obtain without counting on the RFEF. The order, notified today, resolves the request of the National League of Professional Soccer refusing to maintain the precautionary measures without listening to the Federation "as the reasons of urgency required in this regard are not justified, effect" in the Civil Procedure Law.

As the order explains, LaLiga invoked to achieve its claim “a special urgency that in no way can be considered obvious” and also refrained, “not from proving, but even from providing on the merely allegatory plane those reasons why, in In his opinion, the hearing of the defendant prior to the adoption of a decision in this regard may render the corresponding resolution ineffective or illusory. ”

For this reason, the head of the Court decides that "there is no place for the adoption of an 'unheard-of part' of the pretended precautionary measures." Moreover, it recognizes the RFEF the right to be heard and summons both parties to a hearing before the court on October 6. Therefore, the new league championship will start without matches on Mondays and Fridays and when the League and Federation meet on October 6, it will be necessary to see if the Federation authorizes them to be played on Mondays and come. The RFEF agreed to end the season playing Monday and Friday as a show of goodwill

This Court already dismissed the lawsuit of the League against the RFEF in this conflict last May by declaring that the dispute of matches on Friday and Monday requires the approval of the Federation.

Then, as now, the RFEF has always been convinced that reason was assisting it in this matter and from the beginning it offered the League the possibility of negotiating freely. In May, the Federation highlighted the judge's mandate, which it valued and values very positively, that both parties must negotiate in good faith and expressed, and continues to express, its willingness to do so and with loyalty for the future, as it has already done. in the past.

As proof of this goodwill, the RFEF then decided to offer the League, without linking it to the beginning of negotiations, that matches could be played on Friday and Monday at the resumption of the competition that allowed the end of the season, without requesting anything from change.

Despite the legal setback to Javier Tebas's plans so that matches could be played any day of the week, there were league matches also on Fridays and Mondays in the 11-match mini-league to end the season. At the end of May, the head of Court number 2 of Andrés Sánchez Magro, dismissed LaLiga's demand that requested that those days be enabled to hold matches without the need for additional financial compensation, as claimed by the RFEF and summoned both parties to negotiate "in good faith" the calendar of First and Second. But shortly after hearing the sentence, Luis Rubiales, president of the FEF, laid down a cape within that spirit of non-aggression articulated on April 20 at the Palacio de Viana and gave the green light that the ball would not stop when he returned to shoot in an exceptional situation, with the aim of completing the tournament and playing the 11 rounds. It remains to be seen what the Federation decides now.

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