Nobody can pay Bale the salary he has in Madrid

The Welshman has no offers to date. Mourinho's Tottenham loved him but cannot afford it. MLS seems the only way out.


Rumors of interest from Tottenham de Mourinho, those that speak of a return to their origins in Bale, are getting stronger. The situation requires a survey of the most direct environment of the forward. "How could Tottenham afford Bale?" They tell us. This source so close to the player extends the reasoning to the rest of the entities in Europe and, although Bale still hopes that MLS will come to his rescue, the reality is that no one can take charge of the player's salary, which in his two Last years of the contract clearly exceeds 15 million euros net. Madrid accounts for 30 million (gross) per year.

Bale's situation has become entrenched. "Nothing has changed," this authoritative source tells us. "Bale is happy and well at Madrid." Ignore, therefore, the message sent by Zidane, who stopped summoning the player in the last matches of the League championship, and go to sea for what happened in the second leg of the tie against City, in which it was the Bale himself the one who asked not to travel.

Mourinho's desire to train Bale, as this newspaper has learned, is real. But it will not be possible. Real Madrid had the best opportunity to sell Bale in the summer of 2017, when Mourinho himself was coaching United and publicly requested his hiring. "If you don't speak, I can't buy you," Mou a Bale himself whispered in a tunnel of changing rooms. At that time, the market was clearly inflated ... That was the summer that Mbappé was also for sale. But the 18-year-old Frenchman was asking for 12 million euros net of salary, which (for a player at the time of his youth and without merits) would have broken the salary scale of the white entity.

It was already last summer that Madrid's second chance to get rid of Bale came. In this case, without the transfer leaving a single euro in the coffers of the entity. In the past bull it has been shown that it was a good operation. Madrid had left to pay the footballer 90 million euros (in three years) and that is exactly what they would have saved. Finally, Jiangsu Suning (who was to make Bale the highest paid footballer in the world) backed down when Madrid asked for money for the operation.

To this day, with Bale counted 31 years and with his history of injuries (he has only been able to play 40% of the minutes since he arrived at Madrid in the summer of 2013 for 101 million euros), for the white entity he could be a chimera to find a destiny for the player. You do not lose the perspective, even, that you have to pay part of the salary to save most of it. Zidane definitely does not count on him.

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