"A nail would have accelerated Márquez's recovery"

"Marc would not have been able to drive in the Andalusian GP, but it would not have worsened the situation because everything around it remains intact," says Dr. Claudio Costa.


Everything was aimed at becoming Marc Márquez's greatest feat in the World Cup. The champion has just climbed '12 +1 'positions in just 18 laps after leaving first in the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix. Until the fateful passage number 22 through turn 3 of Jerez-Ángel Nieto arrived. Marc, after switching to a less powerful map, left his RC213V at more than 149 kilometers per hour, receiving a violent impact of 25.98 G-forces (a unit that measures the increase in the speed of a body generated by the severity) by the front wheel of his Honda that would cause a fracture in the right humerus and the need to visit the operating room of the Hospital Universitari Dexeus in Barcelona.

Asked about the recovery of Márquez, who on Monday, August 4, underwent a second intervention to put on a new titanium plate after damaging the previous one in a bad domestic gesture by opening a window in his residence in Cervera, Dr. Claudio Costa affirms in 'Moto.it' that the Repsol Honda rider will recover in a short time, although the process will be somewhat greater than in the case of having placed a nail.

"First of all, I wish Marc Márquez that everything goes well, that he can run again, because when he runs he makes the fans dream, he gives great emotions. Operations at the same point can generate conditions that delay the recovery of a fracture. This second surgery has been done to give you more stability and allow you to ride a motorcycle. The larger plate, more screws, the stability of the fracture or the stresses on the humerus will allow you to recover in a short time, but not in those fantastic times to which we were accustomed with the nail, "predicts Costa.

The Italian doctor, who in 1992 saved Mick Doohan's right leg by performing a blood transfusion from the healthy limb to the sick one, defends that he would have bet on this piece from the beginning to fix the break: "It is clear that the first surgery It was made with plates and screws so as not to damage the shoulder already injured by previous trauma. But once the plate has not worked and has been damaged in the first effort, I would have recommended taking a little risk and putting a nail, to make an implant much more reliable from the trauma point of view. They probably have thought that with a larger plate and more screws, the implant will hold and they will have saved the nail as an emergency option, but a nail would have accelerated the times. At best Marc would not have been able to drive, but it would not have made the situation worse because everything around the spike remains intact. But if the rider says he wants to race, Those around him must choose all that is best and useful to put him in a position to accomplish this feat. It is correct to take precautions, but if Marc is a horse who says 'I will leave the operating room and get on my motorcycle ...' ".

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