Mir: "It makes a difference to have improved in qualifying"

"Here we had to go out a second time after seeing the accident and it is not easy to put the helmet on like that again, because none of us like images like this," he says.


Enrome second place for Joan Mir in the Austrian GP for his first podium in MotoGP.

-Did you feel that the first podium could arrive here?

-If they had told me before that I would finish here on the podium, I would have said it would be difficult, but the bike works very well here and since Practice 1 I have felt very good. When you start with a good base, the work to face the weekend is easier. I am very happy with the race. It has been tough fighting with these drivers who are always difficult. In sectors 1 and 2 they are very strong, but then our bike is quite competitive in the other sectors and I have achieved a good podium.

-It has gone very well both times. Has it made a difference to be well placed this time on the grid?

-I think it has made a difference to have improved in qualifying. It was a weak point that we had. Normally we have a good race pace, but we suffer from not having a good qualifying, which then makes it difficult to climb positions. Here we had to go out a second time after seeing the accident and it is not easy to put the helmet back on like this, because none of us like to see this type of images, but hey, it is what happened and we are happy that no one has left seriously injured

-Is curve 3 too dangerous?

-It is true that it is a dangerous point, but there are many circuits that have braking points with inclination and we cannot change them all. As Doviziso says, what is important is to move the wall on the left, to have a little more security, but it is not necessary to change everything.

-How do you face going out to the race again after seeing such a dangerous accident?

-This is an intrinsic part of our sport and you can take it in two ways. In a positive way, that is thinking about yourself. Or negatively, which is to become obsessed with it and you will be unable to be competitive. It is a problem that all pilots have and that must be managed intelligently, thinking about us, although of course nobody likes this type of situation.

-Is the Suzuki not doing bad tires?

-In this sense we are not worried. All the tires more or less work for us.

Photos from as.com
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