Minutes of silence against racism and by Hubert in Spa

On the grid there will be a tribute to the French driver who lost his life a year ago in the F2 race in addition to the classic anti-racist message.


Formula 1 will hold a minute of silence as a condemnation of any racist act on the Belgian GP grid on Sunday, before the race, as it has done in all the events of the 2020 season. Another minute of silence will also be observed in memory of Anthoine Hubert, who died on August 31, 2019 due to a tragic accident in Formula 2, and all teams wear emblems on cars or helmets in memory of the young French driver.

Lewis Hamilton has been the main anti-racist banner of the championship, in fact he instigated for Liberty to keep the tribute minute before all races and was very critical when the gestures (some kneeling, all wearing T-shirts that sported the slogan 'no to racism' ) of the pilots were not seen on television. He has lobbied in meetings of the GPDA, the pilots' association, in search of unity and it seems that it has been achieved. But at no time did he propose a boycott of the race, as he explained: "I don't think what I do in Belgium would have much impact, that's the United States."

Of course, the acts on the grid will be measured to the millimeter. At 2:51 p.m. they will demonstrate against racism. At 2:52 p.m. the minute of silence will be observed in memory of Hubert. And at 2:54 p.m. the Belgian anthem should sound, two minutes before the F-16 planes fly over Spa.

Photos from as.com
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