Mikel Landa: "This Tour is the opportunity of my life"

"I am 30 years old, I am in a good moment physically and mentally," said the Basque the day before facing his first Tour de France with Bahrain.


Mikel Landa telematically attended to the media together with Rod Ellingworth, head of Bahrain, who trusts "100%" in Alava for the assault on the podium in Paris. The two have known each other since Landa's stage in the Sky, and the climber feels “for the first time fully supported in the fight for the Tour” .

How do you approach your fifth participation in the Tour?

The 2020 season began with a clear objective, to try to win the Tour. Since then, many things have happened, such as an accident or the pandemic, which stopped everything. I will have seven very attentive companions to support me, Mohoric, Colbrelli and Haller for the plains, and Bilbao, Caruso, Valls and Poels for the mountains. Poels will be my best assistant in the last moments, the decisive ones.

Who will be a worse adversary, the virus or the other roosters?

I hope they are the cyclists worse rival. We will live inside the bubble, once we start the competition I hope to focus on sports, not on the outside.

What goal do you have in mind?

The podium would be what we are fighting for. I am working towards a very good general. We'll see later where we end up. Not being among the top favorites seems normal to me, there are runners with more experience and who have shown more than I have, although they will surely mark me.

Does the Jumbo-Ineos duel favor you?

Probably. I am more comfortable with other teams controlling the race. And being an absolute leader makes me feel very protected, everyone in Bahrain supports me fully, for good days and bad, not like before, and that gives you confidence. Hopefully an aggressive Tour will come out to fish in troubled rivers.

How do you rate the route?

We will face a very mountainous route, with a lot of unevenness, which I like, and we will have to be vigilant from the beginning, but also save for the four days of the Alps. That we only play one time trial and it is time-scaled motivates me. I have crushed myself with the chrono bike, I know it is my weak point.

Do you notice that time and opportunities pass and that you should take a step forward?

I have the feeling that I am before the opportunity of my life, I am in a magnificent moment, with 30 years, both physically and mentally, and I have made a huge sacrifice to take advantage of this opportunity.

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