Messi will speak under his agenda

The Argentine player plans to give explanations to the culé fans, but does not intend to respond to Bartomeu. Ponder how to do it and yesterday did not consider replicating.


Leo Messi will speak, but does not accept that anyone sets the agenda for him. Before the news broadcast yesterday by TV3 and confirmed by sources of the Catalan entity that Bartomeu offered his resignation if Messi went out to speak publicly and pointed to him as responsible for his departure and thus he stayed, the rumor of a response was generated in Argentina footballer's immediate

For now, calm down. Messi studies the moment to appear and give explanations, but not in the terms suggested by the club president. The player has always wanted to stay away from Barça's institutional policy issues and will continue to do so.

Messi will maintain a communication policy that depends exclusively on him and will not act under the dictation of Barcelona or, of course, of teams to which he does not belong. With his inner circle, he analyzes the options to appear in an intervention that is expected around the world.

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