Messi swept the coronavirus on Google

The Argentine's departure triggered searches with his name ahead of those of the pandemic. The term 'burofax' also reached a peak.


Lionel Messi took the focus off the coronavirus for at least a few hours. The Argentine also broke the status quo that indicated that everything would remain the same and activated the transition to a new normality in which Leo Messi, more than a decade later, points out that he will not wear a Barça player on a pitch.

When in the middle of the afternoon on Tuesday the news of the shipment of the already known burofax jumped, Google searches with the name of Leo Messi soared. Phrases like "Messi is leaving", "Messi news", "Messi barça", "soap opera Messi" or "What happened to Messi?" they were typed (and continue to be typed) in the Google search bar to find out new information about the Argentine situation. The impact was such in Spain that it surpassed the search level for the coronavirus in mid-afternoon yesterday as can be seen in the Google Trends tool.

Catalonia forgot the Coronavirus

If we go community to community, only in Catalonia does interest in Messi continue to gain more than because of the pandemic (70% - 30%), although in Valencia, Galicia, Aragón or Euskadi there is practically a technical tie (50-50, 49-51). In the ranking of greatest interest for Messi, Madrid, one of the cities interested in the number of Madrid fans who see their biggest rival come out, drops to tenth place. In the capital, quite affected by the virus, the situation of the pandemic is more interesting (53% of searches) compared to Messi.

Same result globally

Although for fewer hours, Messi also beat the coronavirus in Google searches globally since the news broke. In fact, the impact of the Argentine's march worldwide is such that there are more countries in the last 24 hours that have searched for more news related to Messi than to the coronavirus. In Asia, the Argentine star is more interested than the virus in China, where the pandemic began, and also in Indonesia. In Europe what happens Spain is repeated in countries such as Portugal, Turkey, Poland, Holland, Sweden, Iceland ... In Africa there is also a lot of interest in Messi, with Nigeria being the second country that has the most difference in searches between him and the virus. In contrast, North America does not have much less interest in Leo, but it does sweep South America with a difference of 61% of the total compared to 39% in Argentina, his native country.

In this, its region, Santa Fe, distributes its searches in 57% for the Argentine compared to 43 for the virus.

"Ok, Google, what is a burofax?" And what did we do when Messi sent it to Barça? Well search on Google. As Trends shows, searches for the word 'burofax' peaked throughout the afternoon and night of yesterday in Spain.

The name of this document has as related searches 'Messi', 'Bartomeu' or 'clause'. In fact, the name of the Argentine accompanies the word 'burofax' in most of the searches.

A last record

Leo Messi's numbers at FC Barcelona are scandalous. 34 titles, 634 goals, 731 matches, six Ballons d'Or, countless titles and up to 80 Guinness records with his name. This Tuesday, without jumping to the green, he got one more, although quieter.

The information on the Argentine's departure forced the New York Times, a prestigious American newspaper, to use the word 'burofax' for the first time in its history (it came out on September 18, 1851). The data was published by the Twitter account 'New New York Times' (@NYT_first_said) which daily records each word that enters the Gray Lady's web or paper pages for the first time.

Under the headline 'Lionel Messi tells Barcelona He's leaving', the journalist Rory Smith introduced this term and a brief explanation that, for sure, he had to google.

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