Messi's dilemma

Another of the big questions that remain to be answered after Bayern's humiliation of Barcelona is how it will affect Messi.


The beating of Lisbon came to show that Messi was right in his diagnosis in February when in an interview with Mundo Deportivo he assured: "If we want the Champions League, we have to grow. Today we are not enough as we are." Reality has confirmed the words of the star who has seen how he is beaten again in the highest competition. All this in a context in which the negotiation of its renewal is paralyzed. It must be remembered that the player ends his contract on June 30 of next year and that, therefore, as of January 1, he is free to enter into negotiations with whoever he wants.

Bartomeu, who has less than a year in office and is in an absolutely compromised position, has four months to look for a photo of a renovation that would serve to make up a mandate that, for now, will be remembered for the collapse of a team that marked an era.

Messi is faced with a profound dilemma: on the one hand, he is happy in the city, he grew up in Barcelona and the option of not continuing at the Camp Nou seemed like a utopia, but given the drift of the situation at Barça there are pillars that wobble.

Messi has seen how the team that dominated the world of football and that has allowed him to win the Ballon d'Or six times has lost potential. And Leo, above all else, wants to win. Like all Barça fans, he has seen that the money that was entered by Neymar's departure to PSG has been wasted on operations that have not worked. For a painful example, the game against Bayern in which the three footballers called to cover the loss of the Brazilian, Coutinho, Dembélé and Griezmann started from the bench.

In the same interview in which Leo said that with the current level the team was not enough for the Champions League, the Barcelona captain was publicly in favor of the return of the Brazilian.

"At a sporting level Ney is one of the best in the world and I would love for him to come back. He was a very happy person, he had fun on and off the court and made the dressing room have a different joy. I understand that the partners have reservations for the way he left, which also bothered me, but in the end we all want to win and have the best and he gave us a lot on the court. He wants to come back and he was always sorry, "he said. And he has not changed his mind, what is more, he reaffirms himself in what was said in February.

The humiliation against Bayern has left Messi very touched who, as usually happens in these cases, needs time to digest these types of situations. When Barcelona were eliminated in the semifinals of the Champions League last year, Messi was slow to speak. He did it before the final of the Copa del Rey against Valencia at a press conference.

Now, the captain is like the rest of the Barcelona fans waiting for the movements to be carried out by the board of directors that meets on Monday.

Many things will depend on the decisions made at the management level. First of all, the choice of the coach. Messi has always bet on Xavi Hernández, but this option is complicated.

The establishment of a leadership in sports policy is also necessary when Abidal's dismissal is consumed, with whom the Argentine had a confrontation in January after the dismissal of Valverde. Abidal's relationship with part of the wardrobe is non-existent. Thus, the barcelonismo is in suspense. Messi is free in four months, he is not happy with the team's design, he sees that his career is in the final stretch and in January he is free.

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