Mercedes does not wait for the party

From Brackley they rule out suffering on Saturdays and go further: "If they ban the 'party mode', we will be better in the race," says Toto Wolff.


The new normal has not even touched Formula 1 ... at least, on the tarmac. The superiority of Mercedes remains as palpable as in recent years and so assumed by the German team, that not even the ban on 'party mode' has disturbed them. Lewis Hamilton's pole in the Spanish GP was, for the moment, the last in which the W11 was able to squeeze the different engine modes and after losing this advantage, which already without the engine at the highest level seemed insurmountable, from Brackley they continue trusting that they will remain competitive on Saturdays despite a ban that, while others like Red Bull see it as “something healthy” due to the reduction of differences, Toto Wolff understands it as a “rule to better understand and analyze what is happening with the engines. ”

The lack of responsiveness that the rest of the grid presents in the face of the dominance of the silver arrows, it is not for the Austrian what has motivated the FIA to make this decision, although Wolff does not rule out that Mercedes was under scrutiny: “It has always been the case in F1 that weighing down the leaders is something positive for the sport ”. However, beyond understanding this decision as something harmful, from Brackley they see it as a “challenge” with which they can win: “I think that we do not lack performance on Saturdays and on the contrary, we believe that we can translate it into more performance In race. It is a great challenge for us and we take it on. ”

Why do they win? The head of Mercedes explains it: “If you can avoid damaging your power unit in those few laps of qualifying, the percentage of damage drops dramatically. So five laps without qualifying mode gives us 25 more performance in the race and that is something that we think will give us more performance ”. The vision is unanimous throughout the team, Bottas assured that they are not "panicking over that decision", and a loss that can be translated into "a couple of tenths" does not imply an excessive risk for a team that in addition to having conquered all the poles this season, he has always done so with an income of more than half a second.

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