Márquez's Achilles heel

"Greed is his great virtue, but also what leads him to make mistakes," analyzes Chicho Lorenzo, about the attitude of the ilerdense on the Honda.


Who else, who least, as Sabina would say, has ever risked on a motorcycle with all that that implies. Especially when the options to win the title are more a reality than a dream. And in the case of Márquez, maybe even an obligation. In addition to being the favorite, the entire weight of a factory falls on the man from ilerdense that has made him its star and, in turn, has allowed him to exalt himself to become the center of attention in this World Cup. First, for having added six twisted hands together and finally, for not having set limits on being "in a winning environment and not wanting to get out of there" .

That's how it is for Chicho Lorenzo, as he expressed on the 'Motogpeando' channel, the relationship that has been forged between Márquez and the Honda factory. Despite his absence due to the crash in Jerez, “Marc is the one who is getting all the attention this season” because of how the events have transpired since his injury at the Spanish GP and in part, the Balearic Islands point to the heart of the Japanese firm for not having given him a margin to get back on the bike. Although to a rider who has won so many championships "you can't say anything to him, especially when he has very clear ideas." And the eighth champion has always listened to an instinct that on some occasions, as in 2015, has taken its toll.

Then, with an indomitable motorcycle, the falls left him out of the game in the fight for the title and this year "the last mistake has been forcing the recovery, which has delayed his return," says Jorge's father, as a precedent to take more risks than necessary in the first grand prix of the year that have led him "to this disaster situation": "Marc could be the leader with 50 points perfectly but the same that leads him to be the great champion that he is, to his maybe it's his Achilles heel ”. What do you mean? To the greed of a pilot who always wants more: "That great virtue is what makes him never settle, but it also leads him to make these mistakes." On the asphalt, Márquez plays with a double-edged sword and despite the fact that “he is possibly the best driver in history”, his sword of Damocles, like Sabina's, is also sharp. And that blade can clip your wings at any time.

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