Madrid's plans for the Youth League champions

From Blanco to Luis López passing through Gutiérrez or Arribas, Madrid has tied the stars of this Youth. They will go to Castilla, to Juvenil A and there are some with offers ...


Real Madrid rubs their hands thinking about the future. Raúl and his white Generation Z Youth (Miguel Gutiérrez, Arribas, Morante, Latasa ...) fulfilled one of the aspirations of the entity, to be European Youth Champions by winning the first UEFA Youth League for the club, a prestigious rod to measure future promises. A litter that Madrid has in a safe place. Most of them have long contracts (some until 2024) and will come under Raúl's wing at Castilla. A title in which already listed footballers such as Antonio Blanco have come out even more reinforced.

It so happens that the Cordovan Blanco and his countryman Miguel Baeza were the most outstanding of Castilla last year. Baeza was going to play in this Youth League but a week before he was transferred to Celta for three million euros (50% of his pass). A good scale of the price that Blanco would have in the market. He has a contract until 2022 but it will be extended. The intention of the player and the club at the end of the castillista season was to wait another year in the subsidiary before making the leap to a First.

There are more homegrown players who return to Madrid with their expanded status. Luis López (saved a decisive penalty to win the final against Benfica) has been pushing in the Valdebebas goalkeeping casting since his U-19 international status and will go up to Castilla to be Altube's alternative, the third goalkeeper of the first team who also he blanks out with the subsidiary, after Belman's resignation. Two undisputed starters in this final phase of the Youth League also stood out, Sergio Arribas and Carlos Dotor. The two, with a contract until 2023, have a guaranteed place in the next Castilla 2020-21. They also have players such as right back Sergio Santos (a position that worried the club), midfielder Morante and Pablo Ramón and Xavi Sintes, the two Balearic pearls that Madrid signed last year for € 1.2M to Mallorca. They will occupy the positions left by players like the so far Castilla captain Álvaro Fidalgo, who is leaving for Castellón. Players who were already under Raúl's orders will follow, such as Marvin, one of the most prominent in the European triumph, and Víctor Chust, who acted as captain of the Juvenil.

A separate mention deserves Miguel Gutiérrez, three of total influence (he scored in the quarterfinals, the semifinal and the final) and a footballer very close to the orbit of the first team. He was the only Juvenile that Zidane cited after confinement and was on the list for the match against Espanyol. Much sought after from the Premier, Madrid made him an important contract to keep him in Valdebebas until 2024. It will be one of the pillars of the new Castilla.

Those who take the witness ...

There is a group of footballers who have been among the 21 chosen who have conquered the title in Nyon but their future is to continue growing in Youth A because last season they belonged to one of the two lower Youth . This is the striking case of the youngest of the group, Israel Salazar. Sala is 17 years old and happens to be the most prolific director of all La Fábrica (this season he surpassed 150 goals in four years) and Raúl has called him on some occasions with Castilla. He will jump from Juvenil C to Juvenil A and there will be no rush with him because Castilla has the position of center forward covered with Pedro (he is returning from a serious knee injury) and Latasa. In principle, three champions who traveled from Juvenil B will also go to Youth A. They are goalkeeper Lucas Cañizares and defenders Alcázar and Carrillo. Also the Granada striker Óscar Aranda and the winger Peter, a bet of the entity, which shielded him long ago until 2023 with a professional contract.

Being European champions revalues a group of homegrown players because new stars have passed through the Youth League, such as Mbappé (Monaco), Sancho (City), Leory Sané (Schalke), Joao Félix (Benfica) or Kinsgley Coman (PSG) . Players who have left a lot of money in Madrid (Marcos Llorente, € 30M) or are going to do so at the same time, in the case of Borja Mayoral, still current top scorer in the tournament with 15 goals and who is now living the Valencia courtship , Lazio and Fiorentina.

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