Madrid's 'bikini operation'

James' departure will reduce the salary bill by 13 million. If he finds equipment for Bale, in another 29. And Mariano's, 9 more. And Mayoral, Óscar, Reguilón ...


Real Madrid, except for a capital surprise or irreplaceable opportunity in the market, will not sign this summer. Times and economic capacity have been reduced to a minimum due to the coronavirus health crisis, which delayed the end of the official course until well into August and which has cut off around 20% of white income, those that came of the membership fees and the Bernabéu box office, impossible to collect in a closed-door football context. The slogan in Madrid is clear: throw with what there is, which is not little, and find accommodation for those who do not count to increase cash flow and reduce the wage bill.

The squad already accepted a 10% reduction in salaries, thanks to the quick agreement between Florentino and the dressing room, embodied in the figure of captain Sergio Ramos; the players accepted that it was even 20%, in case the competition could not be resumed. And Madrid intends to undertake a new reduction, in view of the fact that the fans will not return to the fields, at least for the moment, which prolongs the suffering for the white accounts. In this work of reducing the salary mass, it also plays a vital role to release footballers without weight in the team, but with high chips, as is the case of James, whose departure to Everton is close.James: 6.5 clean per year

James receives 6.5 million euros net in Real Madrid, in addition to another half million that can be won by goals (250,000 for scoring more than 11 goals and another quarter of a million for giving more than 20 assists ); Some goals that the Colombian obviously has not reached this season, in which he has played 728 minutes, scored a goal and given two assists. James came to Madrid earning 7 million gross per season, a figure that grew to 7.7 from his second campaign in white; However, before leaving on loan to Bayern for two seasons, he signed a new contract that raised his gross salary to 13 million, with the capacity to reach 14. That is what Madrid will save when James leaves the end the club.

It is a very important amount, which places him in the third salary step of the white squad, despite the fact that in 2019-20 he was the 21st in minutes played; Areola, substitute goal, participated more than James. The spending on salaries of the first soccer team (squad and coaching staff) was 283.4 million euros in the 2018-19 season; The accounts for 2019-20 are not yet public, but it is to be expected that spending on chips has grown above 300 million after incorporating Hazard, Jovic, Mendy, Militao, Rodrygo ... The club has room to cut there, with a very clear name: Gareth Bale.

Bale costs 29 million

The Welshman is in the first salary step of Real Madrid: he receives 14.5 million clean euros per year (29 gross), a little more than Sergio Ramos, despite the fact that the captain has played 3,800 minutes this course and the British , just 1,260 '; His role ended up being so residual that he refused to travel to Manchester to play the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 against City, the season finale for Madrid. In this situation and given the obvious break in his relationship with Zidane, the normal thing would be to find a way out for Bale, but that was already tried last summer without success. The enormous salary of the Welshman is an impediment when it comes to finding accommodation, even when Madrid is already resigned to letting him go for free in order not to pay his card so as not to receive sports return. In this market the club will try again, but for this it needs a suitor and for Bale to open up to leave, knowing as he already knows that he is behind Hazard, Asensio, Benzema, Rodrygo, Vinicius, Lucas Vázquez ...

Those two pieces, James and Bale, are the fundamental ones for Madrid to reduce its salary mass: between them, they cost the club 42 million, almost 15% of the total spending on chips of the first team. They are the main two, but not the only ones: they are also on the exit ramp Mariano (4.5 million net per year, an expense of 9 million for the club; Benfica is very interested in him), Reguilón, Ceballos (pending starting the preseason and the final decision of Zidane), Óscar, Soro, Mayoral ... If Madrid manages to give way to all of them, it would be left with a staff of 23 men and reduce spending on salaries above 60 million. The ideal in this football in times of coronavirus.

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