Madrid looks for a place for Soro

After brushing the promotion with Zaragoza, the Aragonese attacker will be transferred or transferred. He signed for the whites last summer, in exchange for $ 2.5 million.


Real Madrid is immersed in full exit operation and there are several names that it needs to find a destination: Bale, James, Reguilón, Óscar, Mayoral ... and Alberto Soro. The Aragonese attacker signed for the white team last summer, in exchange for 2.5 million fixed euros (plus another similar amount for objectives) and linking with the Bernabéu club for five seasons, until 2024. However, the agreement included leave him on loan to Zaragoza during the 2019-20 season, to fight with the team that has seen him grow for a promotion that did not come by a hair.

Zaragoza flirted with direct promotion positions for a good part of the season, but ended up falling to third place and in the first round of the play-off they sank against Elche. Soro, at 21, can consider the season positive: 4 goals and 7 assists in almost 2,500 minutes spread over 39 games. He could not take Zaragoza to the First Division, but in Madrid they see him prepared to make the jump to the highest national category.

Transfer or transfer

The agents of the left-handed attacker and the sports management of Real Madrid have already held conversations in which it has been concluded that Soro, with no place in the white squad, must leave to continue progressing and not slow down his growth. Zaragoza have already transferred to Madrid their intention to extend the loan, but the idea of both the club and the player is that they land in the First Division, the next natural step in their evolution.

Madrid does not close doors with Soro: it is open to a new assignment and also to a transfer with which to recover the investment and make a certain profit in the operation, although the white club would cover its back with a loophole (buyback option or right of first refusal) to be able to re-fish the player in the future, depending on his performance and the place that may be in the white squad. At the moment no firm offers have reached Madrid, but there have been calls from several First Division clubs to ask about the situation of Soro.

Soro, on vacation

The footballer, for his part, is on vacation after a season that has been exceptionally extended after the break due to the coronavirus health crisis: he played the semifinal round of the play-off for promotion to First Division on August 16 . He will rest for two or three weeks (Madrid has not yet communicated the final date to join the preseason) and then he should start working under Zidane's orders, although at Madrid they hope to have found accommodation for Soro, the pearl by then. of Aragonese football that, for now, has no place in Real Madrid.

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