Madrid also changes the plan with Ceballos: they want him to return

The idea is that he joins the preseason. The disappointment of the European elimination has changed the plans with Odegaard and with the Utreran.


The elimination of Real Madrid against Manchester City was a great disappointment in the club that is beginning to have consequences. It was not so much for falling in the Champions League, something that was part of the plans after the bad result of the first leg. What was worrying was the image, the lack of resources when the most important game of the year arrived. For this reason, Madrid's plan with respect to reinforcements is maintained due to the economic crisis (they do not value signing) but the vision with the loaners has changed. Especially with two: Odegaard and Dani Ceballos.

AS has already informed that now the intention is to recover the Norwegian and the same line continues with the Spanish international. Just a month ago, the chances of him staying another year at Arsenal were high, but the good final stretch of the season for the Utreran has changed the situation. Today the idea is for him to join the Real Madrid preseason. The white leaders are convinced that he is a footballer who can make a quality leap to the squad after having shown that he is ready to play at the highest level by being one of the leaders of an Arsenal that was FA Cup champion after eliminate City and beat Chelsea in the final. Ceballos was indisputable and one of the best footballers of his team in the decisive matches.

Among the white leaders there were never doubts regarding the Andalusian. They believe that he has quality to spare to succeed in Madrid. So now, after his great year in England, they hope that Zidane finally has him. Although he joins the preseason, it will be the French who has the last word when he speaks with Dani. His characteristics are perfect as a replacement for Modric, who at the age of 34 begins his last year of contract at Madrid. In fact, in 2017 Ceballos was signed with the idea that in the future he would become the natural replacement for the Croatian. That time has come.

In a market so hit by the coronavirus crisis, few teams have the possibility of reinforcing their squad at zero cost with two footballers at the level of Odegaard and Ceballos. That is why, given the weakness shown in the Champions League, at the Bernabéu they believe that they should improve their squad with two players who until a few weeks ago were expected to follow another season at Real and Arsenal, respectively.

Ceballos, for his part, is still waiting for events. Arsenal and Madrid have been talking for weeks to analyze the option of continuing in London, but now the white club has stopped everything. The player welcomes the idea of returning to Madrid, because his dream continues to be to triumph at the Bernabéu. But he is clear that if he returns it must be to be important. His great objective is to play the Eurocup and the Games next summer and for that he must be important in the club in which he plays. His objective when he left for Arsenal was to show that he is ready to perform in a big way. He has succeeded. Now, if he returns to Madrid, he is no longer that Under-21 who arrived in 2017 with the intention of gradually entering the team. He is already a fixture in the Absolute and a key piece in a champion Arsenal. His dream is to return ... but to play.

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