Lopetegui: "We suffered, Bono supported us in the game"

The Sevilla coach: "The final will be even more difficult. This is a corner of joy for our fans."


How does it feel to reach the final?

We are very happy and satisfied to have achieved a place in that final that we wanted so much. We beat a great team like Manchester United, the best in recent years and the fittest in England. We suffered, especially at the beginning of the second half, Bono supported us in the game. In the final stretch of the second half, we were awarded the second goal. The boys deserve to have that illusion of playing the final. In these difficult moments for society, that our fans can have that little corner of joy and pride makes us very happy. The final will be even more difficult.

Was something wrong with Ocampos?

One of the curious parts of this situation is the encouragement of the companions and the people of the expedition, which is fantastic, there we all win. Lucas had discomfort, it was doubt until the end. He has been able to hold out for a while and we opted to remove and put Munir in, who did a good job.

Looks like the changes have gone well.

All the changes are made by the coaches with a goal and an idea, but the players make them good, they have made them good this time. De Jong has endured it well on his back and pause and pose with the ball and El Mudo is a master at that, and Munir has given us physique, he has worked a lot. They have helped us and given what we wanted. Then with Gudelj we wanted to have Nemanja, but I don't think we have suffered much in the end.

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