Lopetegui: "Gudelj is going to enter the list for sure"

The Sevilla coach, before the game against United: "We will play against a historic and important rival, a beautiful game in which we will have ambition."


How responsible are you before such a game?

We feel with the chicha calm of a match that we are very excited about and we really want. There is ambition and it is the scenario in which the team should be, it is nothing different from other games against a historical rival. We have the healthy intention of the meeting.

What game do you imagine tomorrow?

He is the best United in recent years, he has not lost in many games in a league as competitive as the Premier League and he has found the place for as many good players as he has. It will force us to play a great game to fulfill all aspects of the game. It will be a duel of maximum difficulty and will demand the best response from us in every way.

Can Manchester United having one more rest day be an advantage?

It is what has touched, they have that day too many but whenever there has been a difficulty what the team has done is adapt and grow, we will try to strengthen us.

What does the arrival of Gudelj mean?

Nemanja's arrival is a great joy and the reception was a sample of what the team is on a collective and environmental level. Claaro that will enter the list and will be available to the decisions that we can make. He has trained and will help us if necessary.

How does the equipment arrive physically?

With great enthusiasm and that has to power with everything.

Is this match what you expected when you arrived at Sevilla?

Of course we like to be in important games, and at this stage of the campaign more. We have the opportunity to play against a great and important opponent, a beautiful game. We want to overcome our rival, no matter how big it is. That's what we're going to work for.

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