Leganés have not yet received firm offers for their stars

The only official proposal was the Valladolid proposal by Arnáiz, but it was rejected for having him. Some heavyweights do not see bad to go out.


The Leganés has not received any formal offer for any of their heavyweights in the locker room. The only official move has been by Arnáiz. Valladolid wants to tie the Talavera striker, but José Luis Martí is counting on him, as he made clear in an interview in AS. The coach has already spoken with the footballer to assert his importance in the project, something that could help its continuity. The Lega, in addition, will not let any player leave at a balance price. In Butarque they do not need the money as they made clear with the three million invested in Luis Perea, from Osasuna.

Except for the case of Arnáiz, for now no one else has knocked on the doors of the cucumber market to seek the exit of men like Cuéllar, Siovas, Silva or Omeruo, to name a few relevant names and with a sign in the First Division and abroad. Yes it is true that in Butarque they admit to having received some other communication being interested in the contractual situation and intentions of the club with some of these players. But these communications have not gone beyond there: of possible interest.

In Leganés the answer is emphatic in this regard: they will not let any member of their staff leave if it is not for a price adjusted to the market (in many cases to recover the initial investment) or because Leganés is interested in letting him leave, or because not is counted on or because it may favor other operations.

An anomalous market

Thus, this does not mean that south of the capital they do not believe that there will be exits. Some, they slide, will occur, although for that to happen you still have to wait some time. The current market is anomalous due to the COVID-19 crisis and most clubs believe that the most relevant movements will take place close to the deadline, which is October 5 this year.

Men like Jonathan Silva or Omeruo have a cartel not only in Spain, but also abroad, but the economic demand of the Lega, its long-term contracts and that uncertainty in the market have meant that there has been no serious movement to date. your surroundings. The same happens with Siovas and Cuéllar, although these cases are different, because they both have one year left on their contract and the player's possible desire not to play in the Second Division has a little more force.

In any case, Leganés would not look at all with bad eyes the continuity of these footballers, heavyweights and relevant men in previous seasons who could give great performance in the silver category, they add in Butarque. The message, in any case, is the same: patience in the face of a strange market in which anything can happen ... even if nothing is happening for now.

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