LeBron James presents the kit he will wear in 'Space Jam 2'

The Los Angeles Lakers star has shared through his social networks the uniform of the 'Tune Squad', whose film will be able to be seen very soon in theaters.


It is increasingly common to see the world's leading sports stars make their appearances in the film industry. Throughout history, there have been many high-level players who have appeared in movies or series playing a role of greater or lesser rank. The last one to star in one of these cameos will be the American LeBron James, one of the prominent characters of the film Space Jam 2: a new legacy that will soon make the leap to the big screen.The one with the Lakers, the great protagonist of the film

In the last hours, the star of the Los Angeles Lakers and one of the most emblematic players without a doubt in the NBA has become the protagonist of social networks after having presented through they the one that will be his uniform during the film. The kit corresponds to the well-known Tune Squad team. In this way, LeBron James will collect the witness of a well-known Michael Jordan who already starred in the film in 1996, of which it has now been decided to make a sequel.

The film will begin filming this summer and its release date is expected to be July 2021. In fact, the same production company has already announced that the date chosen for it will be on the 16th, according to one of its latest posters signed Spring Hill Entertainment. Of course, this date will have to be taken with a grain of salt due to recent events.

For this, the successful American player will not be alone, and it is also known that for the filming of Space Jam 2 he has managed to convince several NBA friends such as Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson or Damian Lillard. There will also be a place for female players as LeBron James wanted Diana Taurasi and Nneka Ogwumike.

Practically all the steps that were taken 25 years ago for the filming of the first film are being traced, which was a success. As we say, at that time the great protagonist was Michael Jordan and he did so surrounded by other greats such as Larry Johnson, Patrick Ewing, Larry Bird, Steve Kett, Scottie Pippen and a long etcetera.

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