Lamentable Sunday of Sainz: "It smelled terrible and it sounded broken"

The Renault engine broke on the way to the grid and the Madrid native could not start the Belgian GP: "Something smelled terrible, it's frustrating."


It is the worst thing that can happen to an ambitious pilot: not being able to even go out to race. Disaster for Carlos Sainz in Spa, because a problem in the leaks detected during the reconnaissance laps will prevent him from running the Belgian GP. "The race will not start," his team confirmed as the rest of the participants headed for training. The failure occurred in the Renault power unit and manifested itself in the exhausts, the engine could have been rendered useless and it was almost new, it premiered in Barcelona. On top of that, it can translate into penalties later in the season ... 444 444

The Madrid native left with the MCL35 on his way to the grid, completed two laps at Spa-Francorchamps on soft tires and returned to the garage, where the irreparable fault was detected, never to leave again. He would have started seventh and was aiming for good points in that fight against Renault and Racing Point, but his place was vacant on the home straight at the Ardennes circuit. On television he explained: "In the second round of the grid something smelled terrible, I looked in the rear view mirror and the exhaust was smoking a lot. It sounded like it was broken and it seems that it is a problem in the engine, in a cylinder, although I did not let me say it… it's frustrating, I'm not happy ".

It is a problem, the umpteenth, that adds to the list of woes this season for Sainz. In the second Austrian race his team held him back eight seconds in the pits and lost all his options when he started third. In Hungary they decided to stop him when there was a queue of traffic in the pit lane that delayed him until he lost several positions. At Silverstone, the first race ended with a tire blowout when I was fourth and the second was ruined on pit road as well. And now, the most difficult yet, his McLaren is not worth to begin with. Precisely the same as a year ago, also in Spa.

The most painful thing is that Sainz felt particularly confident about this race in Belgium. I saw possibilities of achieving a good result, I believed that I could pass a Renault in the slipstream of the first lap and aim for sixth, fifth or whatever. This is how he was appreciated by those who know him best. The psychological blow is hard and the anger too, no athlete is prepared to dress for the street even before the official start of the race is declared. The least bad, that in seven days there will be another opportunity in Monza and the following Sunday, one more in Mugello. The problem: points continue to be wasted because of McLaren, McLaren and Renault. “This engine was running very well, it was his second race and it seems that it won't last much longer. It is not the first problem of the season, it is not letting us score points or show our rhythm. There has been nothing to do, "said Carlos.

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