LaMelo Ball, unexpected key in a future Warriors ring

With the draft lottery drawn and the Warriors looking to trade their number 2, the interest of various teams in LaMelo may be the best option for La Bahia.


Thursday night the draft lottery was drawn. The Minnesota Timberwolves took the number and just behind were the Golden State Warriors, who are going to star in one of the most interesting stories of the draft due to the radically different needs they have with respect to the rest of the franchises that they will choose in the first positions. With a litter that a priori does not have a future star as clear as on other occasions and some Warriors who hope to fight for the ring again next season, those from La Bahía are seriously silvering themselves looking for a transfer in which they can achieve something as similar Possibly a star to team up with the Curry-Thompson-Green trio, including his No. 2 draft pick, among other things, in the deal.

All journalists who have asked about the issue say the same, whatever their sources. The Warriors prefer to transfer the 2 to choose one of the players who have appeared in this draft. They want to add a new piece to their template and go for a new ring. They hope to have their three healthy stars and they know that in that case they are in a position to fight with anyone, but they also know that especially Curry, but also Klay and Thompson, the moment of their careers is going to approach little by little. in which the yield curve begins to be downward. And that's why they don't want to waste time building a dominant team. What options do you have of getting a one-star transfer?

Wiggins, the new D'Angelo Russell?

As we said at the beginning, this draft does not ooze the talent of other occasions. The Warriors' No. 2, still a great position, doesn't have the same appeal he should have in almost any year. So that choice alone may be insufficient to convince another franchise to make a trade. But beware. The Warriors have an ace up their sleeve. In their February trade with the Wolves, in which they traded D'Angelo Russell for Andrew Wigins, the Californians also received a 2021 first round with top-3 protection. What does this mean? That if the Wolves have one of the first three elections they would stay with it, but if it comes from number 4 onwards it would be for the Warriors.

This season the Wolves took 1 after finishing with the third worst record. But it is to be expected that with that number 1 they will take a player who improves the team enough to move up some position compared to this year, which does not seem so difficult if we take into account that there have only been two worse teams and one was a Warriors whose position has been due to injuries. In case of not having one of the first three elections, the Warriors could have two first rounds (number 2 this year and 4 onwards next) to include in the possible transfer.

Up to here the subject of draft rounds. Now you have to balance salaries. If the La Bahía team intends to bring something similar to a star, it is to be assumed that they will earn a lot and the salary space they have right now is null. They would have to include a large salary in the transfer to balance it and the only player on the roster who is in a position to fill that position (and who is not called Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson or Draymond Green) is Andrew Wiggins. When D'Angelo Russell arrived in February from the offices, it was said that the intention was not to transfer him in the near future and that they were counting on him to contribute to this project. They said something similar last summer with Russell. Although the case of Wiggins is not so clear that it will end the same, if a star is put within range they will not hesitate to include him in the transfer. The question is, who wants Andrew Wiggins?

LaMelo Ball, the surprise factor

Del Wiggins number 1 of the 2014 draft is little left. His seasons in Minnesota, considering the hype with which he came to the NBA, have been disappointing. In the individual and in the collective. It is likely that in the Warriors, being the fourth sword, he performs better by not having so much pressure or so many eyes on him. But its current value as a bargaining chip, and more so in the case of wanting to exchange it for a star, is rather little. But, once again, the Warriors may have another ace up their sleeve. In this case quite unexpected.

He is LaMelo Ball, Lonzo's little brother and for many the most talented player of this breed, but at the same time a man who leaves many doubts in aspects that should be essential in his game such as efficiency in shooting or defense , that those who have followed him define it as non-existent. Even so, he still has his admirers and there are already reports that more than one team would seriously consider climbing positions in the draft to try to take him. Among them are the Chicago Bulls (current number 4), the Detroit Pistons (number 7) and the New York Knicks (number 8).

As much as LaMelo's shares have fallen, which have fallen since the season began in Australia, it seems impossible that any of those three teams can choose him with their current positions. Maybe the Bulls if there are various circumstances, but it is far from safe. So if they really want to go for LaMelo, these types of franchises could be clear targets for the Warriors to sit down and talk about a trade. A potential Wiggins + number 2 deal (and a few more details to balance the 7 million difference) for Griffin + number 7 with the Pistons would not be far-fetched. Surely he is the best player that could be taken from those three teams, but the idea would go around and they have two months to discuss it. By Griffin or whoever they prefer.

James Wiseman looking to the future

The Warriors also have the $ 17 million salary exception from the Iguodala trade to the Grizzlies. That is another way to take some level player, although we would not be talking about the same level as, for example, Griffin (he charges almost 37 next year). The last option, either willingly or by obligation, because none of the negotiations that they carry out with other franchises come to fruition, is to choose a player at number 2 in this draft. In this case, the equation can be considered in two ways: either we go for a player with a very high ceiling but with more doubts in the short term, or we choose a potentially less talented one who will help us compete now.

This is something that has been discussed for months, since it became clear that the Warriors were going to have a high pick in the draft and that there were not going to be big star projects waiting in this litter. Obi Toppin (power forward) and Isaac Okoro (forward), have been gaining followers over the months and would present themselves as the perfect examples of players who would contribute from minute one, something perfect for a team that wants to be champion through that of ya.

The other option that sounds louder is Jason Wiseman's. The player, who during his high school days topped the lists of the best players in the country for many months, only played a few minutes with the University of Memphis. At this point it is quite an enigma what this 2.16 center can offer, which, of course, is a profile that the Warriors do not have and have not had on their squad during all these years of success. His outside shot, something that years ago would be indifferent, can be his great hindrance when it comes to playing in the NBA. But his defensive level, his pre-positionality in blocking, his ability to play in transition and his agility in the movements to the post make him, on paper, the kind of center that would suit the Warriors like a glove. And if you bet on it, who knows if it would be the foundation stone of a future winning project?

The doubt, as with any draft pick, is going to be there. The difference is that this time a success can decide next year's champion ring. And that hardly ever happens. That's why it's so important what the Warriors do.

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