LaLiga protocol limits the use of changing rooms and prohibits showers

The employer wants to avoid the main source of infections since the preseason and has sent new regulations (69 pages) to professional clubs.


LaLiga, as reported by AS last Saturday, will continue to lead the management and coordination of the health protocol in First and Second, despite the criticism received at the end of last season for the Fuenlabrada Case. The almost total success of its measures for the return of the competition, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, has been key for the CSD and the clubs to continue to trust the employer's strategy. For this reason, LaLiga has sent the 42 professional clubs an update of the previous protocol (from 17 pages to 69) that contains several important novelties, as AS has been able to verify that, for now, will be carried out in preseason: one, already advanced because of this newspaper, it is that the trips are organized by the clubs themselves and not by LaLiga; Another, novel, is that teams are limited to the maximum use of the changing rooms for training and games; and one more, that when there are positives, they must be reported to LaLiga, the CSD and the health authorities of the respective autonomous communities.

LaLiga, based on the data provided by the different studies carried out and on the recommendations of the specialists, understands that it is within the sports facilities and not on the pitch or in the stands where the highest rate of infections occurs. Thus, it wants to avoid at all costs the risks of the templates being exposed to COVID (it is considered an outbreak from three infected). For this reason, it has designed an exhaustive plan that basically boils down to the fact that the players and the rest of the staff of the different teams have to wear their clothes, with their corresponding sportswear, from home and have to shower at home or concentration hotels without going through the booth.

This preseason is already being done like this (some coaches even give the tactical talk on the pitch) with the aim that during the season, if the outlook does not improve, this strategy will continue to be maintained. A new reality that, in the case of being extended to the official championship after being tested in the friendlies, would force the coaches to give the pre-match talks at the hotel, with the respective safety distance and with masks, or on the field itself and that would force the visiting teams to go through the hotel again to shower after playing and before starting the trip back to their cities.

New in travel

As for travel, now each club will take charge, as before, of its own, thus respecting the agreements signed with the different sponsors. During these months (from March to July), LaLiga decided to manage travel (240 in a month and a half), organize plane and train tickets, book hotels and pay for the entire operation. Despite the fact that in the 2020-21 season, there will normally be more time between games than at the end of the previous one (every three days), the same sanitary measures will be followed as then: private trips during the day, exclusive floors in hotels, regulations in concentrations ... 444 444

LaLiga submitted its draft to the CSD on August 19 and the Government Task Force (GTID) has approved a plan that has been copied, in part, by other major championships and sports and that has served as the basis for many Spanish team federations


Spanish teams had to undergo three PCR tests in less than eight days to return to training. From that moment on, the members of the first team will continue to undergo a weekly PCR test while being recommended to "limit the performance of leisure activities, in order to avoid potential contagion within the templates." In case of detecting a positive during the preseason, the clubs must isolate it for a minimum of 10 days, they must inform the health and sports authorities (CSD and LaLiga) and carry out a tracing of the close contacts that the person has been able to maintain in the previous 48 hours have tested positive to isolate them for at least 14 days. Facilities should also be disinfected, rapid tests provided for the family environment of the infected person, and it will be assessed whether PCR should be performed on the entire group. A positive person can only rejoin training if he gives a negative PCR or a positive PCR, but a positive Ig G serology.

Changing rooms are limited

According to LaLiga protocol, "changing rooms are areas of high risk of transmission. For this reason, extraordinary measures must be taken for them. The use of changing rooms is prohibited." Although in the event of force majeure, it will allow the maximum number to be enabled to avoid the minimum contact between players and always respecting a series of measures, as well as the dining room, the gym and the physiotherapy room.

During the preseason stages, the teams must follow the same dynamics and measures as in their respective sports cities. The LaLiga inspector must travel with them, they must have the facilities and the hotel where they are staying for the exclusive use of the teams. Even in the stages, players must change from their hotel room to training and shower on the return, as the use of changing rooms will remain prohibited.Friendlies

Recommend that LaLiga teams play friendlies only between First and Second Division clubs. In the event that a team decides to face a club that is not part of LaLiga, the rival must prove that they have passed PCR tests and the facilities in which they are played must be validated by the Employer's Competition department.

During the season

LaLiga leaves open the possibility that "depending on the epidemiological evolution of the country or an Autonomous Community, more restrictive measures are applied during training in order to guarantee the correct development of the competition". In this way, the employer's association establishes that during the season the First teams will undergo 100 medical tests and about 70 for the Second. During the months of competition, the changing rooms will remain limited and the protocol also establishes restrictive measures: "Their use must be organized in turns and the showers must be used alternately and in turn by groups of no more than 7 players." They also emphasize "the mandatory use of a mask at all times" within the changing room.

Action in the event of a positive during the season

If a positive is detected, the infected person will be isolated, the facilities will be disinfected and the PCR test will be repeated on the same group as soon as possible. If no new positive is detected, LaLiga indicates that "the rest of the team will continue with the established displacement planning." If the positive is detected 48 hours after playing a game, a trace will be carried out through Mediacoach to determine potential contacts. The positive will not be able to return to the kit until it gives a negative PCR or a positive PCR, but a positive Ig G serology.

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