Klinsmann advises Bale to leave Real Madrid: "He can't waste time"

The coach speaks on talkSPORT 2 about the situation of the Welshman, looking forward to his return to the Premier: "As a Tottenham fan, I would love for him to return."


Gareth Bale has been on everyone's lips for months due to his delicate situation at Real Madrid. Jürgen Klinsmann was the last to speak about the Welshman. "Time passes very quickly and as a player you cannot waste it," the coach said on talkSPORT 2's Sportsday. And it is that neither Zidane nor the white club have him, but the footballer has a contract until 2022 and does not contemplate leaving if it is losing money, as reported by AS on July 21.

Without playing: "Being on the bench is the worst punishment for a player. The most important thing for any player is to be on the field and play. When that doesn't happen, sooner rather than later you have to come to the conclusion of evaluating an exit" .

The influence of money: "There is a point when you become a professional player where you would like to win a considerable amount of money to feel more confident. But once you have achieved that goal, only one thing matters: play and score goals, and build your record history. You want to leave football one day after 30 years and say 'Ok, look at my career, I managed to score in X teams and X goals in different competitions.' "

Priorities: "Money does not matter anymore. It has no influence on this decision that Gareth has to make. But there are personal issues that yes, there is a family and things related to lifestyle that must be considered" .

Return to the Premier: "We would love to admire a player like him week after week on television. As a Tottenham fan, I would love for him to come back."

Photos from as.com
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