Kawhi runs, George appears and Luka Doncic despairs

The Clippers went all out and left the game settled early. Carlisle was sent off, Doncic played badly and Dallas got a rapadust.


Two days after making history and good luck, leaving one of the most amazing performances in the history of the playoffs, Luka Doncic looked a bit broken, with his ankle still sore and with a grip that he did not know how to calibrate. The Clippers, their rival in this first round, have been half asleep and that trippy, that shot to remember, has woken them up. Collectively, but to one man above all of them: Paul George. The Los Angeles guard-forward said that if the shots entered the series it would be different. What if. I just had to put them in. In this fifth confrontation he did what was asked of him, he has joined the annihilating version of Kawhi Leonard and there the Mavericks have a lot of cloth to cut to produce a nice suit.

Doncic became desperate, who made many fuss and sent off, Carlisle became desperate, who took two techniques in a row and did have to leave the court, and any team fan with hope became desperate after what he saw in the first four games. Kristaps Porzingis was low again, Burke and Hardaway gained numbers when everything was already lost, Curry disappeared and Maxi Kleber was the one who broke his face in defense and enjoyed a little more success in attack. The image of the Mavericks is very bad and it is a negative precedent for an elimination game, the one on the night of the 27th: if they lose, they leave. The good? It is not the first time, and you have to step back little to verify it, that they work the miracle.

The Clippers come out of this meeting renewed. A record hit: 76 points in the first half and 154 in the aggregate of the four periods, +42 difference, 22 triples and a 63.1% success rate in the shots in play. All of these are new franchise records in the playoffs. As if that were not enough, the 35 points (12/18 and four triples) in 25 minutes from Paul George, the once missing in action, are an unprecedented mark since there is a possession clock. A change of face at the right time.

An explosive start for the Mavs, who seemed like they were coming with inertia last Sunday, was that: a start. And almost the end. Not three minutes did the joy last. The humanoid Kawhi Leonard yanked his team's cart roughly, without fail and without a change in rictus. 13 points in a row with 6/6 in shots for him and an open partial: 19-0 and 24-2, with the Clippers contributing eleven shots in a row to the feat signed by Leonard. Doncic's start was with three losses and with shouts to the referees, who are not granting him the star status he already has.

A the good shots of Jackson and the good positioning of Shamet joined, already as the main weapon of 'Doc' Rivers, Paul George. As if it were a training session or a shooting game, he started from close up to gain confidence and ended up putting them in all colors. He even asked the coach to stay a little longer on the court to continue the streak, something that led to a slap from Tim Hardaway and a pike with his well-known Seth Curry.

The bench was back in, Pat Beverley in the lead, and Harrell put the sentence already in the third quarter. Rick Carlisle had been sent off for a punctual play and without incident that unnerved him and Doncic improved a bit as the minutes passed but ended up going to the bench without playing the last set. Small respite with the departure of the substitutes to dispute the minutes of the garbage and thus face a sixth match that is supposed to be decisive for the future of all.

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