Jovic: last chance

Madrid has no plans to go to the market and the Serbian will compete with Benzema again, but at the club they hope that he will leave the controversies behind and increase his performance.


Real Madrid will give Luka Jovic another chance, but it will be the last. In a different situation from the one that surrounds the world of football and the planet in general, a season like the Serbian's would surely have led to his departure this summer, we would see if he transferred or transferred. But in Madrid they know that money is scarce, because the absence of fans in the stadium supposes a significant cut in income for the club (between 15% and 20% of the budget) and that largely marks the white possibilities in this market. The slogan is clear: throw with what there is (which is not little) until next summer, when it will be time to try the big outlay so that Mbappé arrives.

The ballot for Jovic is not easy, it never was. He came to Real Madrid after being one of the revelations of European football in the 2018-19 season: 27 goals and 7 assists in 48 games with Eintracht Frankfurt. They thought at the Bernabéu that if he had achieved that in a team from the lot of Germany, his chances as the spearhead of one of Europe's ocean liners would seriously grow.

But at the beginning he found a Zidane for whom his Madrid is Benzema and ten more, and so far he does not seem very friendly to the idea of aligning two forwards together, always opting for only one surrounded by two wingers or midfielders at his sides. Jovic was left with Benzema's crumbs and injuries (up to four during 2019-20) did the rest: two goals and two assists in 27 games. Let the number of player encounters not deceive, in many cases they have been minutes of extension: nor has it looked at a thousand minutes throughout the course, it has remained at 806 '.

Problems with his team

If Jovic's season has stood out for something, it has been because of his troubles off the field: first, he did not play a game with his team after leaving in the previous clash to play only four minutes, alleging an alleged injury that was not such, because four days later he was able to participate in a Madrid match. His coach, Tumbakovic, stopped calling him and pointed out clearly: "Jovic's problem is Jovic."

Now with Madrid confined after Trey Thomkins, a player in the basketball section, tested positive (soccer and basketball rosters share facilities, such as the gym, which is why both teams were confined), Jovic skipped the quarantine and He left for his country to celebrate the birthday of his partner, the model Sofia Milosevic. The case provoked huge reactions in Serbia, where a process was opened to purge its responsibilities.

When Madrid returned to training, Jovic returned with a foot problem that prevented him from working at the same pace as the rest of his teammates and that frustrated his chances of having minutes in the final stretch of LaLiga. The origin of this injury was not clear: in Madrid they spoke of bad luck while training, but in Serbia a fall was reported from a terrace at his home in the Balkan country. To make matters worse, during his recovery an image appeared on social networks in which the Serbian participated in a barbecue, when it was still requested that the players not maintain contacts beyond their teammates to avoid being infected by coronavirus.

Risk of contagion of coronavirus

There came the last problem on the long list: a friend came from Belgrade to Madrid to visit him and tested positive for the virus, which set off alarms at the white club. Fortunately, Jovic was not infected, and therefore none of the other members of the Madrid squad was in danger. But it was the closing of a season to forget, in which Jovic has done everything except what Madrid assumed when they paid 60 million for him: score goals.

The situation has come to the rescue of Jovic, who already knows that he needs to come back during the 2020-21 season, in which Benzema will not be able to carry the weight of all the games of the season, in addition to a 32-year-old player, who will be 33 in December. The next course is the last opportunity for Jovic to show that he has room and quality to wear the white.

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