Jamal Murray dynamites the Jazz and the best 1st round survives

What looked like a great Jokic game fell short compared to Murray's, who led the comeback that keeps Denver on its feet.


This is the series that is giving the best result in terms of competitiveness during this first round of the 2020 NBA Playoffs. Whatever happens in the Clippers and Mavericks, this is it. And it seems more like a duel of two men and a destiny, of Donovan Mitchell and Jamal Murray to see who has the biggest score sheet, but we are talking about two teams without megastars but with two templates to fight a lot and well in the tough Western Conference . And that's what they are doing.

The Jazz were coming at a spectacular point. They had even ridiculed some Nuggets who started as seeded, who won the first match and who, nevertheless, had to win to save themselves from elimination. And that they have done.

Nikola Jokic's magnificent start was what Murray, Malone and all of their team were asking for, another great player to get involved. The Serbian has been hesitant against Gobert, but today he could not fail and he did not. In fact, in the first quarter that's what he did: not fail (8/8 for 21 points). He even hit a three-point shot on foot changed and calling for the foul almost from Sombor, his hometown. Immaculate shooting card, but the complete opposite of his team. When he missed his first pitch, the rest of his teammates had 16 misses in 22 attempts. That was difficult to continue and the Jazz, with a renewed Mike Conley after his fatherhood and with Royce O'Neale containing Jamal Murray in the first instance, managed to make the differences go beyond five points before the break.

The Nuggets, in addition to leaving the same bad feelings as in the rest of the series in terms of defensive activity, had to give a little more in attack and the third quarter arrived. They had lost them all and for ostentatious advantages. And Murray was transformed. As if he had seen the light at the end of the tunnel, he got up and elevated his team to a level worthy of the first game of the series (the only one they had won). The duel with Mitchell was no longer going to be served because he was going to make sure it didn't exist. The Canadian guard-guard had only 9 points in the first half and finished with 42 + 8 + 8. Outstanding display. He went heated with actions like a high-grade tray, 360 to be exact, and nipped the lead in the bud. At the beginning of the last period he put the 92-90, which means that his team was already ahead. There those of Quin Snyder did not collapse and both teams left us a wonderful end of the game in which Murray was in a trance, seeing the ring as a pool, and in which the person responsible for the sentence was, paradoxically, Jokic, that finished with 7 triples and 31 points. Let the next one arrive, everyone here wants more of this.

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