Ja Morant played the physical to fight to enter the playoffs

Dalzell's admitted after the loss to the Blazers, that he had played since August 9 with a broken finger. Despite this, he averaged 22 points, 6 rebounds and 10 assists in the 4 games.


Ja Morant has been one of the big names of the season in the NBA. The Dalzell point guard has burst into the elite with great force and at the age of 21 he promises to have a long career in the top flight of American basketball. The Grizzlies player has finished averaging 17.8 points, 3.9 rebounds and 7.3 assists per game and is one of the strong candidates to be recognized with the Rookie of the year. Despite a good season on an individual level, Morant is left with a thorn in the side.

The Grizzlies reached the bubble 3 1/2 games ahead of the Blazers, who were ninth in the West before the NBA suspension. The terrible dynamics of the results of the Jenkins, 2 victories in 8 games of the regular phase, caused that the Tennessee players lost all their income and ended up even losing the playoff position.

However, luck smiled at them in what they saw as unfair at the beginning of the bubble. The Grizzlies finished ninth halfway through the Blazers, meeting the condition that if the ninth ended the regular phase 4 games or less from the eighth there would be a play-in. But a bad start and end of the game for the Memphis team prevented them from forcing the second game of the tiebreaker and leaving the bubble with honey on their lips.

In a demonstration that to achieve success in basketball, it is necessary to accompany the talent of physicality and sacrifice, Morant confessed, in the press conference after the game against the Blazers, that he had finished the last 4 games playing with his thumb Right hand broken: "Everyone who knows me knows that every time I go out on the court I give it my all. I have had to play the last 4 games with a broken thumb in order to reach the play-in. I have struggled all my life , I have faced many difficulties but I have never given up, "he said.

Despite the poor performance of the team in Orlando, Ja Morant acknowledged being satisfied with the overall season: "It is obvious that when you lose you are disappointed. Nobody likes to lose. But from the positive side, we managed to fight until the last game , We have been very close to the goal. Now we only have to think about next season, "he analyzed.

One of the great criticisms that Morant has received during the season has been his low defensive level, the point guard believes that he must improve his physical condition to progress in that facet, despite the fact that he played a remarkable game in that aspect against the Blazers: "La The key is to achieve a better state of form. I finished the game very tired, it is true that I played the second half, but that does not justify that I may not have to look for breaks in my offensive game during the game to focus on the defensive. I knew how McCollum plays, I admired him and I know his movements. My only objective has been to make things difficult for him, "he acknowledged.

The Dalzell player said he was proud of the work he did during the season and for having exceeded the expectations of the fans: "As I said before, I am very proud of everyone. From the players to the coaches. We have had to face many difficulties. It has been a season with many injuries from the beginning. Clarke was injured, Jaren Jackson now, I injured myself, it has been very difficult. We arrived here still dragging some key injuries, but still we did not give up. they placed as the twenty-seventh and look at what position we finished, "he commented.

On his season as a rookie, Morant highlighted how close his team has come to being among the top 16 teams in the NBA: "I can't keep anything other than how close we have come to entering the playoffs. Now I know how difficult it is to achieve it. I have learned a lot from the matches. People try to put a lot of pressure on me, but I know that I am a rookie, that I just turned 21 years old and that I am still learning. support from my friends, team and technicians. To get something, you have to go for it so I'm working on it, "he concluded.

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