Isco does not move

The man from Malaga has told his father that he will not listen to offers this summer; the club has not called him to renew yet and ends in 2022.


Not even the disgust for not having been able to play any minute in the last Etihad game, or for having played only 35% of the possible ones in the whole season (1,618 of 4,590) have made Isco change his mind. Before going on vacation with his family (he has a newborn son and another one months old) he called his father and representative to tell him that he was not going to listen to offers. Not even the confirmation that Odegaard is going to return, which will make it even more difficult for him to play (the campaign already concluded was the 13th player in participation in Madrid) changes his roadmap. "He is very used to contesting his position with four or five colleagues and he has always ended up playing," they tell this newspaper from their most direct environment.

Isco ends his contract in 2022 and, as AS has learned, Real Madrid has not yet contacted him to face the renewal. He is on time to do so, since next summer Isco would enter his last year of contract and would have devalued for Madrid. For his part, the player is not in a hurry either. Hazard preferred to go to his last year at Chelsea to sign for Madrid (although it is not his case, the Malaga man does not want to leave) and Mbappé will do the same at PSG.

The economic crisis caused by the coronavirus has drawn a very strange market. There are not many teams with the capacity to sign and there are many in need of cash. One of them is Real Madrid, it is obvious, due to the drop in income. It has already transpired that he will not sign. Isco was one of the players in the squad likely to come out with more value. Now, the white entity knows that there is no such possibility. Isco won't move.

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