"Zarco is a murderous half"

"Braking like this at 300 km / h is to have little love for yourself and for those who are running," said Morbidelli. "I told both of them that I am not crazy," says the Frenchman.


The Italian MotoGP rider Franco Morbidelli (Petronas Yamaha SRT) called Johann Zarco a "half murderer" after the serious accident this Sunday at the Austrian Grand Prix, which ended without regretting consequences despite the French braking " at 300 km / h "without" love "for oneself or for those who were running.

"Zarco is a murderous medium. Braking like this at 300 km / h means having little love for yourself and for those who are running. I hope this great incident makes Zarco think," he told Sky Sports.

Morbidelli collided with everything against Zarco after the Frenchman passed him and stopped in front of him, a "really dangerous" performance. "It was really dangerous for me, for him, for Rossi and Viñales who were in the front while they were doing a very slow corner and they saw a bike that was approaching them at 280 per hour," he said.

"I'm sorry because I couldn't do anything, when I went to brake, Zarco probably changed his trajectory to protect himself. When he came out, I was sucked into the slipstream. But in the end I am physically well and next week I will be in the Grand Prix", added

For his part, the French MotoGP rider Johann Zarco (Esponsorama Racing) apologized to Rossi and Morbidelli for the accident with the second that ended with the motorcycles fired without a driver, putting many riders at risk during the Austrian Grand Prix , although he wanted to make it clear that "no" is "a madman" .

"I'm fine, I put ice on my right wrist but I have nothing broken. There was fear for both Franco and me, it is not a normal place to crash," he told Sky Sports. "I had more engine than him, I took the opportunity to pass the straight and overtook him on the left where there was some space. Then when I braked I fought to keep that line to the left and he was surprised, he touched me and we flew," he added explaining the accident.

Zarco explained that after the accident he hugged Morbidelli, but was surprised by the statements that both he and Rossi made later, criticizing the Frenchman's braking to avoid being overtaken and calling him a "murderer". For this reason, Zarco wanted to go talk to both pilots again and clarify what happened.

"I spoke first with Franco, then 10 minutes with Valentino. I told both of them that I'm not crazy riding the bike. It was a sincere and honest meeting. I apologized for what happened today, the most important thing is that fortunately no one turned out injured, "he ended.

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