Indianapolis punishes Alonso

The Asturian rider has been affected in all his participations by various reliability problems: engine, shock absorbers, clutch ...


"We had already made half the comeback, put 15 in the middle of the race, and there we ran out of clutch. Each pit stop was a manual start with mechanics pushing, in the old school", wrote Fernando Alonso in his social networks afterwards of the career. The Asturian pilot returned to keep the honey on his lips. The triple crown will have to wait and this time it has a certain farewell flavor, as his return to Formula 1 will prevent him from trying again in the next two years of the contract signed with Renault. Once again a mechanical failure deprived him of a better result, something familiar if we look at the 2017 and 2019 editions.

The Honda engine breaks the American dream

Its first participation in the oval was without a doubt the most successful. Mclaren's association with the Andretti team, the strongest in the IndyCar, gave the Spaniard one of the best cars on the grid, and he didn't miss the opportunity. He was the fifth classified in a 'Fast Nine' in which Scott Dixon averaged the second fastest in the history of the 500 Miles. That participation was in doubt until the last moment, since they had to change the engine after detecting a failure in its power unit; bad omen for what would come next.

That Sunday, May 29, Alonso got up with the look from before, the one that he infused minutes before the races when the title was played in Formula 1. With the visor down, Mclaren's one went ahead, risked it and the public He thanked getting up from the seat. Traffic and slip-ups were no problem for Alonso, who led the race for 27 laps. But the reminiscences of Formula 1 would soon appear. The engine was running out of power, the Asturian lost positions and in the last phase of the race, the one in which the winner is decided, that white smoke began to come out in the car that can only mean one thing: the engine says enough . Alonso walked towards the pit lane, the fans began to applaud him and he thanked him for the gesture. He had won over the people, the organization (he was named Rookie of the year) and the pilots, who at first viewed his arrival with suspicion and ended up surrendering to his talents.

Mclaren is not up to the task

2019 was the year of return after his successful time in the WEC with Toyota and his departure from Formula 1. Mclaren was again Alonso's partner of choice, but this time with a Chevrolet engine due to the eventful divorce with Sling. From minute one things were not going well, the car was very nervous and in the images you could see how the flat bottom of the car hit the ground. To make matters worse, in free practice he had an accident that prevented him from doing more laps. First because of the crash itself and then because of the lack of spare parts. Zak Brown himself had to take care of the problem. It was something grotesque.

With that background, it was difficult to think of a good result and that's how it happened. In qualifying he could only enter the play-off with the 31st best time. The next day, thanks to a shock absorber supplied by Andretti, he was able to hit the track. However, miracles do not exist and Alonso could not qualify for the race.

Return with Mclaren and the clutch

Until the last moment Alonso was negotiating the return with Andretti to Indianapolis, but finally it was with Mclaren. The British team, with the Mexican O'Ward, had taken a pole position and a podium, while with Askew it had reached another third position, in only six races disputed. At last Alonso had a Mclaren to trust.

The first training sessions, in which he finished fifth, seemed to agree with him. On the contrary, after his accident, the car was not the same and the Chevrolet engines did not show up to the Honda. The classification placed him in 26th place. It was time to come back. Alonso tried again the impossible, he advanced to 16th place, but the clutch said goodbye in the final stretch. Yet another mechanical failure to add to the list. Indianapolis owes one to the Asturian, but will have to wait for another pending account: Formula 1.

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