Huesca also presents two positives for coronavirus

The Huesca club has reported that two of its footballers suffer from the disease. The tests were done before the players were in contact.


Several First and Second Division clubs have undergone coronavirus tests today prior to the start of the preseason. One of them, Huesca, has officially reported that two of its footballers suffer from the disease, although they are in good health and are already quarantined at their homes.

In addition, the Huesca club, in order that the players could not infect each other, chose to carry out the tests individually and before the group met. Thus, he is aware that his players have not shared space and that, therefore, the two positives have not been able to transmit the virus to the rest of his teammates.

This was announced by Huesca in a statement:

"SD Huesca communicates that, in the Covid tests carried out this past Monday prior to the start of the preseason, two positive cases have been detected.

The club has activated the health protocol established by LaLiga and the CSD and the two affected people, who are in good health, are isolated and quarantined in their private homes.

Having no previous contact between them, the rest of the staff will continue with the established schedule, with tests and medical examinations on Wednesday and the start of work on the Pyramid lawn on Friday 14. Previously, and according to the protocol, will proceed to disinfect the facilities of Pirámide.

The club has informed the health authorities, CSD and RFEF, as well as LaLiga of the results of the tests ".

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