How much money do Sevilla and Inter earn for reaching the final of the Europa League?

We tell you the amount that Sevilla and Inter will win, who will access the last round of the second maximum continental club competition.


The second European top competition was back in action after more than 140 days off. The coronavirus crisis caught the Europa League in the middle of the round of 16 and, similarly to the Champions League, it had to modify its competition format.

One of the great incentives of the competition for many of the teams that participate in it is the economic pinch they can get by reaching the final rounds. For this reason, to a large extent, the health of a club in this aspect is directly linked to sporting success. Last season, UEFA introduced the new earnings system in which all participating teams are guaranteed a fixed amount of € 2.92m for participating in the Europa League group stage.

Sevilla, who became the first finalist of the championship, has pocketed close to 17 million euros for the results obtained throughout the competition and their participation in it. In addition, the Seville team obtained € 3.42M for the coefficient ranking. In total, € 20.19M which could be about eight more if he manages to beat Inter. An Inter that has totally different benefits for its participation in the group stage of the Champions League. Just for participating in it they took almost more money (€ 15.25M) than Sevilla in all their way in the UEL. In total, Antonio Conte's men have obtained close to € 40M in the absence of the grand final.

To this we must add what all the teams earn from the market pool, which is part of the income distribution made by UEFA. In addition, the team that manages to lift the cup on Friday will get 4 million euros for it and another 3 , 5 for participating in the European Super Cup. But how are the Europa League prizes distributed? 444 444UEFA awards for tournament results

The criteria for tournament results remain the same as last season. For each victory in the group stage, 570,000 euros and 190,000 euros per draw. The undistributed amounts (190,000 euros for each tie) will be pooled and redistributed among the clubs that play the group stage in amounts proportional to their number of victories. The group winner took € 1M and the second € 500,000.

But the thing is not there. For reaching the round of 32 they pocketed another € 500,000, for going to the round of 16 they won € 1.1M, 1.5 million for reaching the quarterfinals and € 2.4M for playing the semifinals. Finally, the two teams that manage to compete in the grand final will receive € 4.5M. The champion will win € 4M more. A winner who, therefore, will qualify for the European Super Cup. This will earn you another 3.5M € .

Chelsea, champion of the 2018/2019 edition, pocketed around € 25m just for this type of prize.

Fixed per group stage: € 2.92M Group stage win: € 570,000 Group stage tie: € 190,000 Round of 32: € 500,000 Round of 16: € 1.1M Quarter-finals: € 1.5M Semi-finals: € 2.4M Runner-up: € 4.5M Champion: € 8.5M

Therefore, the two finalists will win € 4.5M for reaching the last match of the competition. In addition, the champion will get € 4M. Chelsea, who won the Europa League last season, took home around € 40 million in prize money.

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