Heat's rain of 3s leaves Pacers unanswered

The Heat made a franchise-record 18-of-three in the playoffs, and Duncan Robinson made a 7/8. The Pacers fall short in the rotation.


The Miami Heat are that team that is being talked about less than it should. When you see the strength and superiority with which he defeats an opponent like the Pacers, you realize the level of that squad. Although they only won by 9 points, anyone who has seen the game knows that they have dominated it almost every moment (except for a section between the first and second quarters), without the need to be 100% employed. It is a lot to say against a team like Indiana that, although it is not among the favorites, it is a rival to take into account every night.

The Pacers, unsurprisingly, are missing Domantas Sabonis a lot. Not because the other interior is doing it badly, Myles Turner was the best this time (17 + 8 and 5 blocks), but because they are not overstretched. Oladipo, who barely played the first day because of a hit to the eye, is nowhere near his best form. He signed 22 points but with a very bad shooting series and missing many shots when his team tried to get hooked on the match. And TJ Warren's gunpowder is running dry. He has already been at Disney World the same games of less than 25 points as of more (four for each side). The last three have fallen on the bad side and this time it was 14 with a 0/5 in triples. Faced with this situation, the Lithuanian pivot seems more necessary if possible, especially since there is a team in front of him in a situation totally contrary to his.

The Heat are confirming what was already suspected of them. They have a brutal bench depth. Up to eight players can perform at a high level at different times during the match. Of course the starters do (Dragic-Robinson-Butler-Crowder-Adebayo), but there are three other substitute players who do not clash at all when they come out on the court: Iguodala, Olynyk and Herro. The latter, one of the best rookies of the year, usually ends up as a starter in matches. And let's remember that they are missing another rookie that points to the best quintet of debutants of the season: Kendrick Nunn.

This time there were two protagonists above the rest. First Duncan Robinson, an absolutely exceptional three-point hitter who has scored by three more than anyone else in the regular season and who equaled the franchise's record for three-shot shots in the playoffs with 7 hits ... in 8 attempts. After making a 2/6 in the first game of the series, he rebuilt in a big way and was about to equal an overall record held by Robert Horry: hitting 7 triples in a row without failure. Robinson missed the seventh. Between him and Goran Dragic, the second protagonist, they broke the match in the third quarter. And the Slovenian, with the help of some and others but mainly him, kept the distance achieved until the end. The point guard, who begins to paint gray hair at 34, has arrived in a magnificent moment in these playoffs. This time it was 20 points and 6 assists with a 50% accuracy from the triple. The first day, 24 + 5 and 6 rebounds.

With these ingredients the Heat want to dream of heaven. Seeing them play this way, with the unmistakable stamp of Spoelstra in both defense and attack, makes one wonder if they will not be much closer than it seems to the roosters of the East. We'll see very soon if they continue down this path during the playoff with the Pacers.

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