"You have to tell the CSD to come in: enough of so much sucking and sucking on the cow's tit"

Ángel Torres charged against the RFEF in 'El Transistor': "With 400 people working in Las Rozas they now realize that the calendar must be stopped ..."


The president of Getafe, Ángel Torres, charged hard against the RFEF in El Transistor, on Onda Cero, for the intention of the RFEF to cancel the calendar draw, which LaLiga wants to celebrate this Thursday.

Posture of the RFEF. “Always to suck on the cow's tit. It is good that they tell LaLiga when it has to make its draw. The Federation corralito has to worry about other things. Something always happens. We have had all summer and we have not fixed anything. They took 50 million euros from us for the CSD and now they want more. Come on man. People want hope and see football again, but here we are not capable. In France they have started and here we do not have a calendar. We have to punch to say enough is enough. The CSD must be told to intervene now and enough of all the bullshitting. People want the illusion of football. Every year, in summer, the same thing happens ”

Indignation. "All the clubs are having a bad time. Now the problems will end and then AFE's will come. I work hard to keep my club up to date and without ERES or ERTES. Then we say that we are the best League in the world, but these things cannot Blackmail doesn't make any sense. We know that the Federation was going to do the draw before the 26th. With 400 people working in Las Rozas, why do you want to stop this now? Now what is the blackmail? What is it? LaLiga has to start. Due to the circumstances, LaLiga has not been able to start in August, but in theory it will be on September 12. The televisions are paying. Everyone is charging, we fix the issue of football and the rest of the sport putting 50 million. This is laughable. Football rights belong to the clubs, we are the ones who spend the money and keep jobs. We have to start booking flights and hotels. Everything with the pandemic will be very difficult if there is no vaccine soon. Aho We are with the bullshit that the calendar does not. It doesn't make sense, nor any logic. What is the problem so that there is no calendar? ".

Arbitrations. "The next thing is that they will not send us the referees on the 12th, it seems that the referees are theirs. We are paying everything and they tell us not to do the draw. If we do not start on the 12th, we will start a month later than other years. blackmail. "

"Everyone we find out there, who plays in the Second Division next year. A League of 200 teams"

Presidencia de Tebas and Fuenlabrada case. "Something has gone wrong with the Fuenlabrada issue. They have tried to put all their good will. In the First Division, they beat LaLiga and Tebas. Later with Fuenlabrada due to precipitation, someone took attributions that do not correspond to them. If there is someone That has failed, the Justice will have to answer. And the issue of a League of 24 in Second, yes of course ... 200 play in Second! Everyone we find out there who plays in Second. That is not serious. We have to give the image that we are a serious competition ".

The CSD and Rubiales want to attack Thebes. "I do not believe in these evils. I have had many differences with Javier, but the decree came out through Thebes so that there would be football. The day we get tired, there will be another. No one has to vote for me. The one who gambles the money We are the boards of directors of the clubs. Why is Tebas here? Because we elected him. What the CSD has to do is intervene and make things clearer. I have been here for 20 years and the same every year ".

Blue transfer market. "We are going to move the market a little. Jorge Molina asked us to leave and we can only thank him. We have let him out and it seems to me that he is going to play for Granada in Europe. Hopefully he will have the same performance as with us. We give Hugo to Hugo He lasted a year at Castilla and then he would come back to us through the front door. Bordalás is very happy. He has a contract and what he wants is to fulfill it "

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