"Nadal has done the right thing, going to the US Open this year is crazy"

Adriano Panatta, champion of Roland Garros in 1976, supported Rafa Nadal's decision not to attend the US Open and focus on the European tour.


Rafa Nadal was one of the first players to announce that he will not attend the US Open. Since then, practically every day, a tennis player from the male or female circuit made his withdrawal official from the American tournament. The doubts raised by the situation of the pandemic in New York and the risk of injuries are the main reason for so much absence, and there are several voices that defend that the Spanish, despite being the current champion of the championship, has done the right thing.

The last support Nadal has received comes from Adriano Panatta, champion of Roland Garros in 1976. "He has done the right thing. I imagine there are many players who do not feel at their best after not playing for so long. In some cases Being careful is the best, because the risk of getting hurt is high, "the Italian told Il Foglio.

According to a Grand Slam winner, going to New York is a bad idea. "I reiterate that, in my opinion, going to the US Open this year is crazy. Obviously everyone is free to do whatever they want, but I think there are no minimum conditions to go out onto the field with adequate serenity," said a critic Adriano .

For Panatta, so many casualties make the tournament less interesting than usual. "It is evident that so many absences make this edition less fascinating and probably less relevant. The US Open has always been very important, but with so many absences it is normal that those who have decided to participate have a better chance. That is why I think the results they will be contaminated by this situation, "said the Italian.

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