Hard fall of Simon Pellaud after failing disc brakes

The Androni-Giocattoli rider suffered a severe fall during a downhill at the Giro dell'Emilia after his bike's disc brakes failed.


The Giro dell'Emilia left us, in addition to Alexander Vlasov's great victory at the top of the Basilica of San Luca in Bologna, some images of other runners who were not so lucky during the race.

One of these riders was the Swiss Simon Pellaud, who could not finish the test after suffering a fall on a descent after the disc brakes on his bicycle failed. "Indeed, it is a good disaster! I have nothing broken (except one or two teeth) but it was the biggest scare of my career! The worst fear for a cyclist? Finding you without brakes in the middle of the descent. The brake discs they are great except ... when they do not brake! Thank you very much for your messages, "wrote Pellaud, along with a photo of how his face was because of the fall.

Pellaud's was not the only serious crash that occurred at the Giro dell'Emilia, as Deceuninck Quick-Step rider Mattia Cattaneo also crashed on a descent after attacking 35 kilometers from the finish line. The cyclist was transferred to a hospital in Bologna where a vertebra fracture was detected that will take him six to eight weeks off.

Photos from as.com

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