Hamilton military walk while Sainz strikes the attack

Comfortable victory for the British ahead of Verstappen and Bottas. Good sixth from Sainz running to attack. Vettel saves the furniture at Ferrari.


"I didn't know it was the last lap ...". Military parade, walk in the park, another day at the office. Lewis Hamilton did his usual starting from pole to win the most atypical Spanish GP of recent times, with humid heat in Barcelona and the threat of a storm in the final rush of the race. The advantage of driving the Mercedes is that the ideal strategy works, but the others work as well, so Lewis stopped when he wanted, pressed when he wanted, managed where he considered and chose the compounds that he wanted to end up bending all the teammates of grill except those who took the podium. On the other side of the wall, Bottas did as he was told and finished third under the checkered flag, behind Max Verstappen.

But to Caesar what is Caesar's: Max overtook the Finn with a genius and squire exit, respectively. The Dutchman planted Red Bull second without rhythm to try anything more ambitious, he himself had to convince his engineers that this time there would be no crush. The trick is to finish in front of a Mercedes and stay in the fight for the World Cup with the other, despite everything. They all went two stops away with Max leading the way, but Hamilton's times were impeccable on soft and medium. In addition there were no big surprises, no accidents, no safety cars or excessive degradation. Procession Sunday, in slang. A lot of intensity, but very little emotion at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Hamilton threw the trophy into the air because he's not afraid of it breaking: he has 156 podium cups at home. Nobody had achieved so many so far in Formula 1.

However, the middle zone had jungle and for once the fortune of Carlos Sainz was at the height of his talent and his performance. Different tactics coexisted, Renault tried to surprise a stop from afar and McLaren followed the conventional plan, which at times nobody understood. The man from Madrid came out well (worse than Lando in the start, but the Briton got lost in the pack and disappeared from the game), defended his positions and opted for the attack. Soft, soft and medium, and the whole race overtaking rubbery cars. Magnussen, Ocon, Vettel… Albon was not hit on the track, but it did hold him back with an extraordinary defense with 20 laps remaining at Turns 3 and 4. He was sixth place, 'best of the rest' behind Stroll (great start, passed to Bottas) and the suspended Pérez. Racing Points are in another league today, but at least qualifying did justice to Sainz and McLaren did their best on both wheel changes. Best Face.

Vettel saved, who would have said, the Ferrari furniture. The German also had to make his own decisions before the inaction of the wall, the strategy was made by him. He asked if he should press, the answer was not clear and he ended up making a single desperate pit stop. He started 11th and finished 7th, so it worked. Charles Leclerc left due to an electrical failure in his engine after a strange spin in the chicane. Albon finished eighth with an unsustainable strategy from Red Bull, stopping first to ride the hard. Maybe they wanted to check the performance thinking about Verstappen, is what it has to run with three squires and a star. Gasly and Norris closed the points ahead of a lost Renault, with the wrong strategy. With how easy it was to choose the good one, or so Lewis will think ...

Photos from as.com
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