"This group is a family; it is difficult to lose with a group like this"

The Sevilla sports director praised Lopetegui's work: "Much of what we have achieved has been his fault. He has had everyone plugged in and it is not easy."


Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo, better known as Monchi, went through the Movistar microphones after Sevilla won the Europa League for the sixth time.

Team: "Proud of this group. Now I'm tired, but happy. I remember many people who are not with us. I have lost my father-in-law to friends, people who are anonymous from the carnival and I remember all of them who have given me strength ".

Sixth Europa League: "I suffer a lot before, during and after. We have a final on September 24 and we have to win it."

Group: "It's a family. You don't know how that bus was coming. It is very difficult to lose with such a group."

Lopetegui: "I have felt happiness in the hug. Much of what we have achieved has been his fault. He has had them all plugged in and it is not easy" .

Return: "When you work, you do it to get the best returns. This is a dream come true."

Message: "Enjoy. The cup is where it needs to be because nobody wants it like we do" .

Photos from as.com
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