Giannis (28 + 20) and the Bucks improve but win unconvinced

The Milwaukee Bucks tied the tie against the Orlando Magic with a great double-double from their star, Giannis Antetokounmpo, but there are doubts.


When the team with the most victories in the entire NBA during the season comes from losing its first game of the postseason, its rival continues against the current and does not crush him, there is some doubt. It's what happens to the Bucks. They have put in the containment dam, but they have not yet taken the carrier out for a walk. In the second game they beat the Magic by a global of 111-96, controlling the game but with some cracks that they will want to close in the next games.

The Magic's victory in Game 1 was a big surprise. It would have been even more so if a second in a row had arrived. They are without Isaac and Gordon still cannot return, besides Mo Bamba. They have serious casualties and even so they carried out that opening match. This time the Bucks cut their losses from the beginning, without giving Florida any air to go on the scoreboard in the first minutes, and they could take the award.

In the first minutes, Budenholzer's men did prove to be the team they have been during the months prior to the pandemic stoppage, suffocating the opposite without having to raise the lines much and with the game focused on Antetokounmpo for him to decide whether to go with everything Or take it out for the shooters. Evan Fournier's pájara in the first match was going to be joined by all the other teammates except for Nikola Vucevic, the only one who was saved: 11 of 45 in field goals at halftime. When he went to rest in the locker room, Giannis was already 12 + 13, Bledsoe was driving much better than the first day and Connaughton hit from the triple (4/4 for 12).

The second part saw a very motivated and toned Lopez and Vucevic as the only lifeguard of Clifford's men. But at times the relaxation of a team that saw the match already under control gave way to nerves and expert players like Augustin or Ross and not as expert as Markelle Fultz came up and squeezed in the last minutes. The Magic, with hardly any gas, dropped below ten and wanted to dream, but there was no happy ending. Milwaukee regains the path of victory but does not give clues of that team that was crushing, and the Magic can give good faith of it because they won all four games, in the regular phase of the season.

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