From sacred to lean cows

If they stay, it will be on the condition of a new role in the dressing room, as well as a review of their contracts, which is adapted to the current status they have in the squad.

Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba and Sergi Roberto are not going to be 'free' to stay at FC Barcelona. The three players will have to undertake a review of their current contracts to safeguard the club financially, after the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the new role they will face in the squad with the arrival of Ronald Koeman to the bench.

Sergio Busquets, for example, is the fifth player in the squad with the highest record in the squad - around 15 million euros gross per year - Sergi Roberto is the tenth, with almost 10 million euros, while that Jordi Alba occupies the twelfth place, with a token close to 9 million.

The club considers that these figures will not be consistent with the role of these players in the new season: the Dutch coach wants to bet on youth in the eleven and the role of these players will presumably become secondary. Hence, the intention of the club is to make a contractual review of the amounts, placing special emphasis on bonuses for objectives, to the detriment of fixed ones. The one who ends before the contract, in 2022, is Sergi Roberto. You could extend your contract by dividing the amount of your last two years of contract.

Negotiations that are presumed complicated, but which will have the framework of the economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic as the main argument to ask for an effort from the players who finally remain in the squad.

A separate case is Gerard Piqué. In principle, their role in the workforce remains intact, but the possibility of a salary reduction is also being evaluated, taking into account that their annual record revolves around 13 million euros.

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