Ferrari dying, Hamilton flies

Pole unrivaled by the British ahead of Bottas and Verstappen. Sainz will start seventh. Leclerc and Vettel suffered to pass the cut of Q1.


Maximum tension, Vettel played the guy in traffic and Leclerc was still leading the pack, missing a slipstream at Spa-Francorchamps, in search of the feat of the day. The two Ferrari drivers desperately to achieve the goal of ... save the cut of Q1. On the first attempt they failed, but on the second, over the checkered flag and beating the Alfa Romeo and Haas customers, nice gesture. A year ago the two starred in a spectacular fight for pole position and occupied the front row of the Belgian GP, but at the wheel of the shameful Ferrari, the SF1000, and its mediocre engine (revised in winter to avoid illegalities), the 13th and 14th achieved this Saturday at the Ardennes track improves expectations. "You can't do more," Leclerc radioed to the engineers. And that already says a lot about the current situation in Maranello and the storm that is coming days before the Italian GP and the Ferrari GP. The tribute in Mugello to his 1,000 F1 grands prix can vary between Maracanazo and wake.

They have no power, lack of top speed and the downforce they generate is not worth it either. A complete antagonist of the plane piloted by Lewis Hamilton, whose sound will be confused this Sunday with the F-16s that will fly over the grid before the race. The Briton achieved the fifth pole of the season and the umpteenth of his career (they are 93) ahead of Bottas and Verstappen. Everyone in their place, like in Barcelona, and that this time Mad Max brushed the ground and stayed 15 thousandths from separating the old silver arrows with the Red Bull. His merit, for performing above what his machine offers, or Valtteri's demerit for finishing seven tenths behind the champion. Or all at once. The British did not suffer, he was not worried about anyone, in a demanding seven-kilometer circuit with very high-speed curves his dominance is accentuated at the same time that the drama in the garage next door intensifies, the one with the operators dressed in red .

Verstappen, however, did have to be employed so that old acquaintances from the middle zone did not overtake him. Daniel Ricciardo, sensational throughout the weekend, reached virtual third place and will finally start fourth with the Renault. The French car has strengthened its performance on one lap, they were already good in the race, and can begin to dream of podiums in crazy races, the kind that sometimes happen in Spa. Albon was fifth and Ocon, partner of the Australian and future partner of the Asturian, sixth. Perhaps Fernando Alonso smiles seeing the results of the RS20, maybe it is not necessary to lower the objectives of 2021 so much.

Carlos Sainz lost in that war, against the Renault, but finished ahead of the two Racing Points and will start the race seventh, with options to fight for good points and straighten out a season that was twisted at the beginning. The Madrilenian pulled out his claw when laps were of use for something, on Saturday afternoon, and finished ahead of his teammate (Norris was 10th) when during the weekend the impressions were different. He will run looking forward and backward, at least there will be excitement in that section of the pack. Up front, Max can barely annoy Hamilton. Behind, Ferrari is supposed to only get better. Worse, impossible.

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