Dovizioso: "Winning is always a pleasure, not a claim"

"Honestly, we are not yet in a position to clearly say that we can aspire to the title because we don't have the bike and the tires at hand," he says.

Andrea Dovizioso has achieved victory in the MotoGP Austrian GP and did not take the opportunity to take its toll on Ducati.

Feelings: "It's very strange for many reasons. The truth is that doing two races and getting a good start is strange. It's not easy, but we started the second race with perfect energy and we managed it very well, because it had some corners where it had best step. There was also a lot of wear on the rear tire, but I was very strong under braking and I was able to impose the rhythm so I feel very happy. It was very important for me to fight for the victory and in the end I got it so I feel very happy. Thank you very much to the team ".

A year without winning: "It has been a long time since the last time. Today's race is very strange to me, both for the victory and for everything and in particular for the fall in which we had to start again. The sensations with The bike was not optimal and there were two or three points where I really felt very strong and they have been where I have been able to make a difference. Very strange sensations. "

Vindictive victory: "Winning is always a pleasure. It is not a claim. We knew that here we could do well, but we had many doubts about the victory because the feeling in Brno was not good, but we managed to come out well and we found a series of things that have helped us, not only because we have arrived in Austria and that's it. We have found those sensations in all the sessions, working in a certain way and it has been nice, although I have not felt the same as last year or the previous one. I don't really know why, but this track helps the characteristics of our bike and that has allowed me to win, but we have to improve on some aspects mainly, because I think that when we get to other circuits it will be more difficult and to stay in the fight we will have to take a step forward ".

Title fight: "The championship is a bit strange. The tires make it a strange season and anything can happen and for that reason yes, you can think about the championship and it is normal to think that way. Honestly, we are not yet in condition to clearly say that we can aspire to the title because we are not yet in a position to have the motorcycle and the tires at hand, and that does not allow us to think about controlling our strongest opponents. take a step forward ".

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