Double grief in Dallas: Doncic loss and worrying injury

The Clippers were much better, but the Mavs fought. And Doncic fell down the road; He was confused and, to top it all, he injured himself.


24 hours after Damian Lillard's injury, who seems to have come to nothing and will be able to continue playing against the Lakers, another of the geniuses of the Disney World bubble, the Slovenian Luka Doncic, also falls. In your case, for the second time. The Mavericks star injured his left ankle in the third quarter of Game 3 against the Clippers, the same one that was injured in the first game of this Western series. His situation worries and more considering that the tie is again uneven: 2-1 for the Angelenos after this 122-130. Doncic has undergone a test and will have another one tomorrow to see if he can be from the game, but the action was ugly and is repetitive. And the young man left with another triple-double under his arm (13 + 10 + 10), which seems to be given away but not.

Kawhi Leonard (36 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists) enjoyed the strength that he usually shows almost always and on both sides of the court, which had not happened in the previous meeting. The horrendous game of his teammate Paul George in the shot one more day was neutralized by the step forward of, among others, a Landry Shamet who started as a starter in the absence of Patrick Beverley.

The Mavs again sinned from inexperience, lack of strength in contact and some mischief. Doncic was again tried to get on his nerves between Morris and Harrell in a slightly lower-class but effective strategy (he took the technique). Doncic had real concentration problems, reaching the break with 3/10 on free throws, and his night could not have ended worse: leaving in the middle of the third quarter, returning again to test himself and returning to the bench due to the incipient pain he felt in that ankle that fans now stare at.

The match remained even in the opening bars thanks to Porzingis' drive and the serenity that this team transmits even though it faces one of the big favorites. A couple of Morris's pike with Doncic spiced up that first quarter that gave way to a second in which the Texans were blurred: they conceded 45 points. Leonard acted as leader and Morris accompanied him by doing the American expression 'talk the talk, walk the walk', hitting four triples of five attempts and driving Luka out of his mind. It didn't take even a stellar appearance from the two star benches, Harrell and Williams, for the Los Angeles team to take half a game before the break.

The problem for them is that the Mavericks don't give up easily. They opened a quick set after returning from the locker room, when the difference already exceeded ten points (54-68), and later a 5-12 just after Luka Doncic's injury, proof that they are compromised even if the headwind. Porzingis did what he could thanks to his success in attack, not in defense against a Zubac that he did not bother excessively, and Hardaway, Burke, especially Seth Curry came to the rescue of the group. They fought to the end, cutting back at the last gasp to get to six, but it was insufficient against some Clippers who take the lead and look down on their opponent.

The new idiosyncrasy of this postseason, with the teams playing every other day yes or yes as there are no trips between cities, means that injuries like Luka Doncic's, although not really serious, can easily decide the sign of a tie .

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