Doncic, Tatum, Murray and Mitchell: the youngsters take command

The four players under the age of 25 scored more than 30 points in the playoff opener. It's the first time in NBA history.


The youth rebellion exploded this Monday in the first game of the playoffs for the title. Luka Doncic, Donovan Mitchell, Jamal Murray and Jayson Tatum surpassed 30 points: never in history four players under the age of 25 have scored so much on the same day. Some, like the Slovenian and Mitchell, made their way into the history books with truly astonishing performances ... though they didn't help the Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz beat the Los Angeles Clippers and Denver Nuggets, respectively.

Doncic is already one of the great patrons of the North American League with 21 years and only two seasons in the United States. Its growth is exponential each year. It is an outstanding explosion that has led him to finish the regular season as the leader in triple-doubles with 17. His debut in the playoffs was awaited with expectation and he did not disappoint despite the loss against the Angelenos, one of the great candidates to conquer. the ring in the Orlando bubble. He closed with 42 points, a historical record for a rookie in the title rounds. The maxim until his arrival was from George Mikan just 71 years ago: 37 in 1949 with Minneapolis.

Mitchell's recital was also wonderful and sterile. The 23-year-old guard has already played an All Star in his third season in the NBA and is the central pillar of the Utah Jazz, as he demonstrated in the loss against the Denver Nuggets. He pulled so much from his teammates that he rose to 57 points. The third best mark ever in a single playoff game. He also broke the franchise record, held by Karl Malone since 2000 with 50 points and added the first duel of more than 50 in a start to the final rounds since 2003 (Allen Iverson). Only Jordan had scored that many points in a playoff at age 23 or younger. Almost nothing.

Murray and Tatum

More restrained were the performances of Jamal Murray and Jayson Tatum. But they were big and, above all, productive: they gave both Denver and Boston the victory. The first, 23-year-old guard, lover of Bruce Lee and Kung fu, has created a perfect match with Nikola Jokic. They are understood simply with the look and the results arrive, with the power Nuggets in the Western Conference. Utah tried to end that superiority, but Murray's 36 goals (his top in the title playoffs), 20 between the fourth quarter and overtime, broke the resistance of his rival and Mitchell.

Tatum, 22 years old and an All Star behind him, is the real hope in Boston. Irving's signing was wrong, which affected his presence on the court, the forward has put on the giant's cape again. He is the reflection of the total player: tall and strong, he has a knack for outside throwing. His direct attack to the rim is another good argument in his game. In the victory against the Sixers, all that was seen and he reached 32 points, his highest score ever in the playoffs.

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